Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dihydrogen Monoxide- It's Everywhere!

Has the idea of thinking things through, asking a few questions, and practicing some common sense become a little too much to ask?


DeadMule said...

Shows how gullible we are. Okay.

But did you notice the snide "we're getting signatures right and left, Mostly left"?

Seems the narrator has a bit of his own agenda, too.

Mookie said...

Yes, you are right he has a bit of an agenda. They do a series of these things, not always bash-the-left oriented, but with something like this, the environmental movement, as well as most known activist organizations are left-oriented.
The one thing about the left, that the right can't equal, is the ability to collect the masses together around causes.

DeadMule said...

But Mike, what about abortion? I'm against abortion, but it's over-represented as a cause. And mostly not by liberals. LOL

All In said...

Really Helen. So there isn't anyone on the left of the abortion issue. If that were the case then there would not be abortions. Everytime there is a guy with a sign against abortion, I see a sign in the background to protect it.