Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Hangover

Not a real hangover from the beers I imbibed this evening of the Big Game, as I had to be at work at 630am the next morning.  But a hangover from the constant adrenaline dumps my body experienced, culminating in what was almost the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

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I'm not even sure when this was taken during last nights thriller of a Super Bowl.  Clearly though, my buddy's wife was sneaky with her iPhone in capturing the insanity that football brings out in me.  Any game my beloved San Francisco 49ers can cause such insanity, but the Super Bowl magnifies those crazy outbursts.  She apparently didn't capture me as I got all hyped up and then threw myself to the floor on a dropped pass during the 4th quarter. I was born and bred to love football, especially when its my team, in all its facets.  I sacrificed my body against bigger and better players just to be a part of the game.  I also put as much emotion into a game on TV as I would a game in which I played.  It's just who I am.

Prior to last night, the 49ers had won 5 Super Bowls out of 5 appearances.  I wore my sweatshirt with Snoopy adorned with 49ers gear.  I would've sat in the same seat I was in back when they last won the SB in 1994, but that couch is long gone, and the house doesn't even exist anymore.  While I was hyped up, I believe I fell short in motivating the team through more effective yelling at the team through the TV.  So I have some survivor's guilt associated with such a devastating loss.

We could look at the silver linings found in last night's game.  Last year we made it to the NFC Championship Game before losing.  This year we made it all the way to the Super Bowl.  We have identified a good QB for the franchise in Colin Kaepernick (who happens to be a hometown hero having played high school football in Turlock, CA).  We have a very passionate, very competitive and emotionally involved coach in Jim Harbaugh.


We could also look at a few bad calls and no calls by the officiating crew, questionable ball spots, etc.  We could play the "what-if?" game.  What if Michael LaJames hadn't fumbled? What if we hadn't looked like amateurs when letting Jacoby Jones run back the 2nd half's opening kickoff from the back of his own end zone all the way for a score to put the 49ers at a 22 point deficit?  What if we had chosen to run the ball on the last series for a game-winning touchdown instead of just lobbing incomplete passes 3 plays in a row?  In the end, such things will only eat at our psyche and keep us from focusing on the future.

Ultimately, I see the blemish on our Super Bowl perfection.  (Prior to last night, the 49ers were the only team to make multiple appearances without a loss).  This was my strongest argument against those insane Steeler and Packer fans who boast all their championships.

As a self credentialed doctor, I have now diagnosed myself with Post Super Bowl Loss Depression Syndrome.  The only good news about such a mental illness is that its effects will be short lived... they should clear up around August or whenever the next season starts.

I tried to help out by having a fellow rentacop cut power to the Superdome, which enabled the 49ers to regroup and begin an amazing comeback.  But again I failed to motivate the team, my sole job, to finish the job and win the game.  Unfortunately, the Baltimore Ravens played well enough to stop us when it counted.

From an objective standpoint, this was by far one of the best and most thrilling Super Bowls I have ever watched.  However, from my biased point of view, this loss cut deep and hurt really bad.  Having grown up in the glory days of the San Francisco 49ers, and then spending 18 years without a trip to the Big Game, I was hyped up to the max, to the point of going nearly insane.  The first half looked horrible, but the 2nd half proved to make this a great game.  I was up and down emotionally the entire time. (as noted in short video clip at the top).  I ate a lot a food, had a few beers...and if I were a crier, I would've shed many tears.  I really should've figured out how to get onto the sidelines and helped better coach the team to victory.  And of course I need more 49er apparel to wear.  Its amazing how clothing choices go way down when you get old enough that you have to buy your own clothes!

So if anyone knows how to put me on the 49ers sidelines and get me some gear... please hook me up!  After all, it's always been clear to me that the team depends on me!