Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Again The Bailout Fails

The first two words that come to mind when I saw the news that a weekend worked bill to push forward with a $700 billion bailout failed:


Now I'm no financial expert for sure (I've seen my credit report showing past incidences to back up this statement), but I do know a couple things. Between big government and big business cooperating with each other to cook books and speculate on financial possibilities without a true guarantee, we got ourselves into the biggest economic disaster of my lifetime, if not the history of our country, save the Great Depression.
And now, we have the government and big business cooperating with each other, AGAIN, to use a lot of the same basic principles and ideas to fix the problem they created.

Obviously, as a country, economically we are quickly preparing to fall down the rabbit hole. Whether or not we get this bailout plan urged by certain financial related industries and our current White House administration, that rabbit hole is approaching awfully quickly, and we're going to meet it regardless.

So let me get this right...we can let the chips fall and businesses fail, and things go to hell in a handbasket, OR we can make more chips, save these poorly run businesses and still go to hell in a handbasket. Given interest rates on loans produced through newly printed, and foreign entities loans that will take that $700 billion and turn it into most likely a minimum of $3 Trillion when all is said and done. We already have multiple books on the government's end of things that have us anywhere from $9.5 trillion to $54 Trillion dollars in debt. So what's another $700 billion, right? Yeah, someone has to learn to say no. Someone has to learn to tell the people that the buck is literally stopping with all of us, right here, right now. We're going to have to suffer a little bit. We're going to actually have to consider doing without. Now I know that many in my generation and some in the preceeding generation have little idea what this concept is, but now is the time to learn the lesson.
No more pet projects, no more bailing out consistently failing businesses. No more rewarding guys responsible for getting the domino effect started leading to the crippling of entire economic industrial sectors.

Even in this bailout debate, we have politicians working hard to blame the other side. And to a point there are members of all sides to blame for where we are now. There are members of the general population who bought into the lies who are now responsible for where we are now, biting off more than they could chew with no idea how to pay for it. Many of these politicians still admit that they have no idea how well this bailout will work if passed. So we get these guys and gals together to give spending authority to one guy, with little to no oversight, to the tune of $700 billion (with authority to expand it if he feels necessary?), while having no idea what effect it will have??
That seems pretty stupid to me. Especially if we can let everything fail, learn a lesson, and figure out how to correct it naturally through our market forces and American ingenuity that has gotten us this far over the last 232 years, without spending the hundreds of billions (leading to trillions when we pay it off), that we'll spend the next few generations (if we're lucky, that'll be all) trying to get back.
So to Congress, Bush, Bernanke, and Paulson..thanks but no thanks.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Quotes For The Week (29SEP-03OCT2008)

WEll, since I've slacked off on this feature for the past couple weeks, I figure I better throw something in before my long awaited trip to Florida for my sister's wedding. So this week, I'll use a few quotes from some of the bloggers I follow, rather than fromt he book of quotes I normally use.

"Through meditation we can let the words of Jesus descend from our minds into our hearts and create there a dwelling place for the Spirit. Whatever we do and wherever we go, let us stay close to the words of Jesus. They are words of eternal life."

----Helen Losse of Windows Toward The World (From her blog entry "Meditation" 21sep08)

"Tonight I am suffering because I ate too many onions. The old stomach cannot take them as well as it used to."

----Renaissance Guy of Significant Pursuit (From his blog entry "What To Do With My Beard" 29sep08)

"I should never check the news on the weekend…"

----The Godfather of Theslowbleed.com (from his blog entry "Weekend Update: Bush Gets $634B…and It Is NOT Bailout Money…" 28sep08)

"All the soda you want.. for free. This place is great."

----Jay Burns of All In (from his blog entry "The ATM is CLOSED!" 23sep08)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Funny video I stumbled upon!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Rrrrreessst of the Story

This is from an article out of National Review Online sent to me by a blogger from a different forum.

Six Points to Consider When Reading About Wasilla's Policy on Rape Kits

A few points to consider when you hear about the town of Wasilla, and its egregious former policy of charging rape victims for rape kits, a topic USA Today examined today.

1. It is indeed a terrible policy to charge a rape victim for the cost of collecting evidence to prosecute. But these charges occur, even in places where the law theoretically bans it. According to a 2008 U.S. News and World Report article, some Illinois rape victims are still being charged for the rape kits.

The state seemed to address this in a 2001 law, but it would seem that as usual, passing a law and getting a bureaucracy to comply are two different things.

2. Palin spokeswoman Maria Comella told USA Today in an e-mail that the governor "does not believe, nor has she ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test." Her critics can legitimately ask why, as mayor, she didn’t overrule her police chief. But they cannot charge that she supported the policy. In fact, there is not yet any evidence that Palin was aware of this policy.

3. The Police Chief of Wasilla who oversaw this policy may have been wrong to argue that the government should not cover the cost of the tests, but note that he did not want the victim to pay; he wanted to charge the perpetrators the cost.

Ultimately it is the criminal who should bear the burden of the added costs, Fannon said.

The forensic exam is just one part of the equation. Id like to see the courts make these people pay restitution for these things, Fannon said.

Fannon said he intends to include the cost of exams required to collect evidence in a restitution request as a part of a criminals sentencing.

4. An aide to a Democratic state legislator tells USA Today that women in Wasilla did pay out of pocket for their rape kits. According to available FBI statistics, there were five rapes in Wasilla during the three years that they have online records for. The newspaper does the town a disservice by citing the statewide numbers and saying the state has the highest rate of rapes per person.

5. Starting next year, federal law will ban the practice of refusing "to cover the estimated $800 cost of a forensic rape exam unless the victim files a police report." That is the policy in "many" jurisdictions, according to the AP.

6. Let’s concede the worst, which was that this was an unforgivably stupid policy, and that Palin should have overturned it during her tenure. I’ll let Obama fans explain why that error in judgment is superior to voting "present" when dealing with "a bill permitting the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to report suspected child abuse while protecting the identity of the facility or person providing the information."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pro Football and Fan Disconnect

So, I'm a huge football fan. I've been watching it as far back as I can remember (no, not just three weeks ago). I started off my football days a San Francisco 49ers fan, probably because that was my dad's team (and most of his family for that matter, except his rogue sister Janet, who has relentless hung onto her Oakland teams), and remain so to this day. From the hayday of the 80s to the lower echelons of hell that my team likes to perform in now.

My view of football has changed in little ways over the years, but fundamentally the game remains my favorite overall. When I was young, for the most part your team remained the same, minus the retiring players, plus the incoming rookies. Free Agency was a newer concept. Now instead of playing for your team and your teammates, it seems that many play for the amount of dollar bills they can get. Sure, some want to, and will remain with their team regardless of other offers, and will retire from the game with the same team that drafted them, wihtout ever being traded off. I have even heard of some players voluntarily taking pay cuts to remain with their team, and/or to allow another player to come into the organization, all to satisfy this salary cap imposed on teams (which I have no problem with). But many these days will haggle over the difference of a couple million dollars over a couple years. Player A wants a contract that gives him $11million over 4 years. The Owner says "we'll give you $8million over 5 years." And somehow, this can be a bone of contention that causes the player to stay away from training camp, preseason practices and all that is involved.

Maybe I'm missing some bigger picture here, but it's $3million dollars difference. Personally, once I've hit the $5million dollar mark in life, I'd be pretty friggin happy for life. Yeah, I know what some of you are saying..."The contracts aren't guaranteed, if he gets hurt he loses out on the rest", or "$3million is a LOT of money."
And you'd be right on both counts. But while your career may be shorter, and you may take a lot of abuse over that time, any player that plays 5 years in general has made way more than your average person will in 40 years. I even understand that Player A saw that Player B for some other team, who isn't even as good as him, got a LOT more money, and he thinks he deserves as much. Whatever happened to the love of the game? I think the league minimum for a drafted rookie is in the $300,000+ range. Hell, I'd play an entire career on that salary if I were blessed with enough size and talent to play at such a level, but that's just me. I just like to play, compete and win. Because in the end, to me, winning is the whole point. Getting to gloat afterwards is of course part of the prize, which I am guilty of to many faults. (ask my wife, sister, pretty much anyone who has ever competed against me in anything)

These days, however, your team looks different, save a few key players, every single year. Your guy switches teams, now what do you do? Root for your favorite player or your favorite team?
And it comes from all sides, to be honest, when it comes to being a loyal fan to your team. The owners jack up ticket prices, vending prices, and everything else, making it harder to go see your team play, if your in or near one of the market cities. You have whiny millionaires who demand being traded, or made their bonuses and quit putting forth an absolute 100% effort every play of every game. And now, the next thing that has hit the big time, that puts fans themselves at fault:

You have people now who participate in these leagues (sometimes multiple simultaneously) religiously. I played last year, and it created some disconnect from following my team specifically. Yes, it gave me a sense of control when it comes to managing a team, but I found myself hoping this guy or that guy had a great game, even if they were playing against my team that week. I was no longer following my team, but rather a bunch of individual players that I had at my disposal. (on a personal note: out of 5 guys, I placed last...my guys underperformed when I had them starting, when I switched things up, they suddenly did well...good thing I didnt havemoney riding on it!)

SO this year, I decided to opt out of any fantasy league. Given the poor performance of my team over the last few years (more like 9 years), and the fact that they are on the west coast and I am located in the midwest, I don't see them on tv as much, so I have to follow the team through the box scores in the paper, or highlights on tv. But I have found myself following them a little better this year, despite all that, and the fact that with my current job, it intereferes with my sleep time on the weekends. GRRRRR.
I can only hope that they will again become a cohesive team that can rise out of the proverbial ashes and ascend to greatness once again. Then maybe they'll get more tv play, and then I can justify losing a little sleep to see them play.

Anyways, I'm all over the place with this post, so I'll continue with this directionless rant with a couple more things. Given the differences in the two levels, I have come to prefer the more pure sport of football at the college level over the money grubbers in the pros. A certain local state favorite in college play, the Iowa Hawkeyes, however are threatening to ruin that as well. The advent of the new BigTen Network which now shows there games, and has caused me to not see them on NETWORK TV has pissed me off as well. Why should I pay $40 or whatever it is to get cable, just to watch one channel during football season?

Football used to be a sport, but as with everything else, it is becoming more business than anything. And to me, that is the biggest ruination of the game. But, I shall forever remain a football fan, and shall continue to love my 49ers, even if they suck for the rest of eternity.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Black Hole on Earth Avoided,...Temporarily

Recently announced by James Gillies, spokesman for CERN, the European nuclear research organization was that the Large Hadron Collider located under the French-Swiss border has broken down.

Experts have yet to go down to conduct all the necessary tests to determine the exact cause, "...but it seems to be a faulty electrical connection between two magnets that stopped superconducting, melted and led to a mechanical failure and let the helium out," according to Gillies.

Particle accelerators have been known to fail before and be fixed and up and running within a few days. However, with the massive size (a 17 mile circular loop tunnel) and operating process (cooled to near absolute zero, which by the way is way colder than outer space) have the repairs on this accelerator not being finished for a couple months, minimum.

Given the extreme temperature variables, the sector which has failed must be warm up in a controlled manner, before technicians can even begin to work on repairing the machine.

What does this mean to us? Well I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure they could've spent the $10 billion dollars a lot better over the last two decades. I really could've used a sponsorship to turn me into a hulking mass of flexible functional muscle and been spurred onto a great career in the NFL. Or how about fat and calorie neutral Big Macs, Huh? wouldn't THAT be awesome?

Another major objection to the project was fear that the LHC could produce mini black holes that could very well suck our planet into non-existence. Here at the Mookified Institute of Technology, we would not necessarily be opposed to this if we can in fact control the fields of negative gravity. Then we could target specific morons...at the speed of light!!! Christians, like myself, who are not in the loop, may be spurred on to believe the rapture was indeed taking place, as we zipped people from their feet into nothingness. It might even cause immediate conversion on the spot for onlookers. Of course the flipside of this, might just be the cataclysmic falling apart of people and governments all over the world, catapulting us into an actual nuclear war.
But with this technology, and control of it, we could literally disinvent the nuke in midair. YES, if I can get my hands on technology like that, I would be the ultimate (human) power in the universe!!!! Cross my path with an odd look will you?? Oh yes, you and your rebel friends won't be able to hide any longer!!! MWUHAHAHAHA..hack hack..(excuse me for a moment) HACK,...augh, hairballs! Yuck!

And you thought this might actually be a serious blog for a moment didn't you? Admit it, I sucked you in like a black hole, and then spit you out like chicken bones!!! HAHAHAHA

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Renaissance Guy: War Monger or Misguided?

"Hand injured, Cannot type well. Taking a break.

UPDATE: I accidentally plunged a knife into the palm of my hand when I was preparing a coconut. It’s badly bruised, and the cut was deep. It’s showing some signs of infection, so I am beginning to take an antibiotic. Fortunately I missed tendons and ligaments, but there is some nerve damage that we hope will not be permanent."

The preceeding message was a blog post from Renaissance Guy, a fellow blogger (you can read his blog here: http://renaissanceguy.wordpress.com/)

Now, on the surface, this seems like your run of the mill everyday accident. But here at Mook News, we have uncovered a much more dastardly conceptualization we like to call, REALITY!!!

It appears, while blindly following a lesser known, but very obvious, Bush Doctrine, of taking the fight to everyone before they can atack us. R-Guy seems to have chosen the belligerent terrorist network of Coconuts, who have been known in the past to attack unsuspecting people by jumping on their heads from the trees, as his chosen enemy. Clearly, his move overseas was not, as he would like you to believe, a simple move of the family, but rather a clandestine mission to take the fight to the enemy. In R-Guy's War on Fruit (or is it nuts, or what? how do you classify coconuts?), it appears he had kidnapped one of these freedom fighting nutballs, and after performing experimental surgery (clearly designed to have a mortal ending), it was time for him to perform a decapitation, and send the video into al-Jazeera to be aired for the entire world to see. Just how R-Guy intended to behead a coconut is beyond our ability to reason, but this clearly had to be his intent.
However, at some point, something went wrong in his mission. We believe it was overexposure to liberal bloggers that brought him to his senses, and appealed to his emotional well being. At last moment, he says he "accidentally" plunged a knife into his hand. Like we'll believe that Mr. R-Guy, if that's your REAL name! Clearly, any sane person with R-Guy's command of the english language would note that had it truly been an accident, he wouldn't have needed to amplify it with the word itself, but merely state he had cut himself while "preparing" this coconut. We have also unearthed an old code that shows that "preparing" means torturing. But, as we stated, with an overexposure to liberal bloggers, R-Guy suddenly became overwrought with guilt, and intentionally wounded himself. Hey R-Guy...suicide by bleeding to death through your hand doesn't work well, as you've found out. The pain overtook you to the point of seeking medical attention. But by suffering "war injuries" you didn't have to show the public, and your ravenous war-mongering supporters that you had gone soft. But we know the real story, and we will make it public, in an effort to swiftboat you should you ever run for public office under your "war hero" status. We just wonder R-Guy, will you now back down and withdraw from your illegal and immoral war, or will you make more excuses as to why you must continue to attack and kill innocent coconuts? What's next for your anti-American way, R-Guy? Invading Hawaii, and eliminating the coconut threat from obviously domesticated civilian coconuts who are part of what makes America great?

WE await your reply, even though we're sure you'll try to twist this story to put yourself in the best light, and indoctrinate us to your hateful ways.

But we know, from this unsolicited, and slightly doctored quote from liberal blogger Helenl, "The R-Guy Doctrine: I am King R-Guy, and it’s My Way or the highway; I will not work with anyone."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Pick A Day When You Can Use All Of Them?

A fellow blogger who's site I visit regularly, made an interesting post yesterday, that really made me think. You can read, or rather see, it at http://helenl.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/not-just-today/
(And while you're at it, stick around there for the many other great parts of her blog site.)

It's amazing how we look to micromanage everything to specific days to remember events in our life, either personally or as a country. Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 21), 9/11, wedding anniversaries (Jul 1 for my wife and me), birthdays (apr 21 for my wife, May 4 and Dec 24 for my sons, Apr 27 for me), etc.

This post was specifically targeted for the recent 7 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. Each year now, and it shall slowly decrease in intensity as years go by, we take a moment to remember the people and places that were sacrificed that fateful day. But why do we choose to take the one day only to remember it all. It seems to me, that everyday we live should be a reminder of our world, our triumps and our tragedies.

I should thank God everyday for my wife choosing to spend her life with me. And I should always think about that, especially when she comes around with those inocuous little questions like, "you do know what tomorrow is, right?", or "Do you remember when our anniversary/my birthday is?"

Whether the politicians or the media ever let me forget 9/11 or 12/21, it should not be up to them, or up to a day of rememberance, but be firmly engraved into my mind and on my heart at all times, that I might take a moment everyday to reflect on such things, and what they mean to me.
Not what they mean to some politician or to me in regards to political stances, but what they mean to me on the most personal levels. It isn't neccessarily something that can be put into words, but merely feelings and thoughts that are sacred and answer to noone else but myself.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quotes of the Week (08-12SEP2008)

Yeah yeah, before you say anything, I KNOW that I missed this segment for last week. I'd make up a really important and serious sounding excuse, but since most of you who read this got comments from me throughout the week, you'll call my baloney what it is, so here's the big excuse: I'm LAZY! Anyways, here goes:

"WE throw open our city to the world, and never by alien acts exclude foreigners from any opportunity of learning or observing, although the eyes of an enemy may occasionally profit by our liberality...."
----Pericles ("Funeral Oration for the Fallen Athenian Warriors," in Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War)

"The gods are on the side of the stronger."
----Tacitus (Histories)

"There's scarce a thing but is both loved and loathed."
----Thomas Middleton (The Changeling 1622, act 1, sc. 1)

"The world is governed by opinion."
----Thomas Hobbes (Elements of Law, Ch. 1)

Monday, September 8, 2008

And So Goes My NFL Hopes

As usual (at least the last couple years) the preseason looked good for my beloved San Francisco 49ers. Great Offense, Decent Defense and Special Teams. And then, again as usual, Week 1 happened.
We kick preseason butt, and then when it's actually supposed to count, its as though the 49ers decide they have put forth enough effort for the season already.
Whatever your opinion of the Arizona Cardinals, my team seems to stink. I don't care if the Cardinals win every game this season and the SuperBowl (I think I just got sued for using a patented term, send money for my legal defense!), it doesn't negate the poor effort of my team.
We played against a good Bears team (who, btw whipped up on the Colts), first stringers even, with some substitutes, and won pretty handily. But then again, it didnt count.

The last time my 49ers made it to the Superbowl (crap...sued again!!), was the 1998 season. We still had remnants of the team created by the late, great Bill Walsh.
Now that arises more questions. Was Bill Walsh a pure genius when it came to drafting great players, like unknowns of Jerry Rice, decent college players like Joe Montana, and other unorthodox decisions that led to some of the greatest team-cohesion to survive in the early days of free-agency, when player loyalty started to shift from team to dollar bills? Or was he an ego-maniac hellbent on spending every future dime possible to assemble the great team for his own benefit of winning games and Super Bowls while he was still coaching?? Thereby sending future teams into an economic depression that kept them from spending those dolars on quality players, thusly grabbing himself a spot in the Hall of Fame as a dynastical coaching legend?
After all, His replacement Coach George Siefert was able to add a follow up trip to the Superbowl in his first year, with essentially the same team, and again in 1998 with still an almost identical team. And yet, many years, we have become a great farm team for defensive backs. They suck at San Fran, they get good, we can't pay them, they get traded to a different team where they excel. Hmmmmmm.
I'd like to go with option one, where Bill was a genius, and gave me a heyday in which to revel during my childhood fandom, but now that I think about it, maybe Bill really was an evil megalomaniac. Either way, the 49ers are still my favorite team, but they need to get their proverbial crap together. We have the tools, we just need to use them together better....Still not sure if I like the formerly successful (he moved around for more reasons than HIM wanting a change) Mike Martz making the play calling...