Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The things my kid says and does

Okay, so I have determined, without a shadow of a doubt, that my youngest child is quite weird. I'd like to push that credit elsewhere, but for anyone who knows me, knows better.

First of all, when going to the bathroom, he likes to have his privacy. And yet, he expects full access when other people are in the bathroom. The other day, he decides to walk in while I'm in there. He just stands next to me (I'll try not to get too graphic) and makes the observation, "Yours is bigger than Josh's (my 9 year old)." It was odd to hear that, and I'm exhilirated to know that I'm more advanced in that particular area than a 9 year old kid to be sure, but at the same time, his deadpan delivery being so matter of fact made it hard for me to keep from laughing. It was as if, this is just one of those common conversation pieces, like he was just saying hello, or something.

When wrestling around, he has gotten the idea that if he can pull his opponents' pants down, he'll win the fight for sure. When he runs at me, and I palm his face to hold him away, he has taken to sticking out his tongue and licking my hand. Apparently, his arsenal of natural fighting tools is much more devastating in his own mind as compared to reality.
If the wrestling involves both him and his brother, Josh, along with me, he has no problem asking for help when Josh or I get him into a bind. But, immediately after getting help, he has no issue attacking his immediate previous beenfactor. The child soesn't seem to understand alliances. Unless it is between me and his mom. In which case, no matter who's right, or winning, they take her side. I've heard them thank her for something I provided. If I speak up to take the credit, rightfully so, I am informed immediately by either one or both of them that "NO, Mommy did/got it for us."
I guess I'm just the Dad. I'm only important when they decide it to be so.

When trying to amuse neighbors outside as they walk to or from their cars, Corwyn has a range of activities he employs. Sometimes, its just mindless chatter of thoughts that enter his mind at random. Other times its singing, or dancing around in front of them. However lately, he will act like he is punching himself in the head, and fall over..or more violently, he will punch himself in the beans, and then double over groaning, yet watches for observable reactions. The kid is just plain goofy, and self destructive, all for a little attention. He once entertained some traveling magazine sales people by using his head as a wrecking ball on our steel file cabinet, hitting it as hard as he could, and then looking up at them smiling. One girl made the mistake of exclaiming horror that he just hit himself, and then asked if he was alright. His Response: He grinned even bigger and slammed his head back into the file cabinet.

He has also taken to proclaiming a certain sense of authority. When told to sit in his chair and finish his sandwich at lunchtime, he will have none of it, and repeat the command back with a big emphasis on in "YOU sit in YOUR chair and finish YOUR sandwich." Whether or not I have a sandwich is immaterial to him. He has decided that, until he's found the end of my rope of patience with him, that he is the ultimate authority in his small world.

He also tends to blend the past and present when it fits his wants and needs. If having been given permission to go to the neighbor's house to visit their little girl on one day, that permission applies for all future instances as well. If his mother let him have something for one of her snackfoods last night, if he asks for it today, he expects it to be given to him. Telling him that the snack is his mother's, and I can't say yes or no, so he has to wait for his mom...he wil retort with "Mom already said yes I could have it."

Corwyn is definitely one bold little boy. I'm not sure how Josh will be when he is a teenager, but I have a feeling that if Corwyn and I have a disagreement, as all teenagers and their dad's have at some point or another, it might get pretty interesting. I only hope he can't physically dominate his old man at that point.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Triumphal Idiot Shines Through

So, as most of you know, I recently bought myself a next to new used car, after the other one crapped out on me 1 week before the final payment. Anyways, everything was great until the other day when I left to go to work. It was the first time I had encountered rain in my personal vehicle since we bought it. I flipped the little dial to set the speed on the windshield wipers....NOTHING!! Can you believe that...a week into having the car and the friggin wipers don't work!!! Well, that's just great. Fortunately, I could push the lever down for singular wipings away of the rain on the mist setting. The wipers even worked when I hit the button to clean the windshield off. But to just set the wiper speed and go....not happening.

So, this morning, I get up early to take my wife to work, followed by a trip to the service shop to have what appears to be a bad wire replaced. The youngest boy and I get he pouring rain, mixed with freezing rain particles (you gotta love Iowa weather, the sun was out yesterday afternoon!)

I get into the shop and explain to their manager what the issue is, and he has a technician come and take a look. It turns out, within 30 seconds no less, that I am a dumb friggin idiot on a colossal scale. That little lever I push down to mist, that I told you about? Yeah, apparently it can also be pushed upward to a couple of speed settings. The little dial I was turning just sets the intermittent speeds ONCE THE WIPERS ARE ACTIVATED!!!

Yeah, so that was a waste of gas...thank God prices have come down on that stuff. So instead of the usual one trip to her work, and the trip home, I have now committed myself to 2 trips each way today, AND...AND, the inner idiot within me made a grand and triumphal appearance, to help grace you readers and the rest of my localized world with his presence. Now, I have to do something to redeem my manliness, in an effort to keep my Man-Card. It's raining out, so maybe I'll find a frog or toad and tear it limb from limb with juvenile male destructiveness.

I hate admitting faults of mine, but my level of personal honesty precludes me from hiding it for too very long. And now that I have also told my wife, she responded with hearty guffaws directed at my idiocy. I'm pretty sure the next time I try to assure her of just how awesome of a man I am, I'll be reminded of this rather quickly. Apparently she doesn't like it when I get a little too big for my britches!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Godfather Sends A Message!

going back to an earlier post about meeting up with the Godfather: Here

He has fired back....It's a great comment, so please read and....enjoy. The Godfather is watching you right now....and if you gotta problem with that you can see him at, or by clicking here

Here's his comment, if you're too lazy to click back to the original:

According to recordings, here is what was actually said during the lunch in question…

Godfather: Why did you go to St. Augustine, FL? Why didn't you come to me first?
Mookie: What do you want of me? Tell me anything, but do what I beg you to do.
Godfather: What is that?
[Mookie gets up and whispers in the Don's ear]
Godfather: That I cannot do.
Mookie: I'll give you anything you ask.
Godfather: We've known each other for many months but this is the first time you've ever come to me for counsel or for help. I can't remember the last time you invited me to your house for a cup of coffee, even though you are a fellow blogger. But, let's be frank here. You never wanted my friendship and you were afraid to be in my debt.
Mookie: I didn't want to get into trouble.
Godfather: I understand. You found paradise in the northern part of America. You had a good readership, made a good living, the police protected you and there were search engines and you didn't need a friend like me. But, now you come to me and you say "Godfather, give me web traffic." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Godfather. Instead, you come into my house and eat my ribs.
Mookie: I ask you for justice.
Godfather: That is not justice; your wife is also eating ribs.
Mookie: Let them suffer then. As she suffers. How much shall I pay you?
Godfather: Mookie. Mookie. What have I ever done to make you to treat me so disrespectfully? If you had come to me in friendship then your blog site would not be suffering this very day. And if by chance an honest man like yourself should make enemies then they would become my enemies. And then, they would fear you.
Mookie: Be my friend... Godfather.
[kisses Godfather's ring]
Godfather: Good. Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me; an additional link to my blog perhaps. But, until that day, accept this justice as a gift.
Mookie: Grazie, Godfather.
Godfather: Bene.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Woman With Fastest Time Doesn't Win???

Catching a few random headlines, I spotted this article online via the San Francisco Chronicle by C.W. Nevius:

There were over 20,000 competitors in Sunday's Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. And 24-year-old Arien O'Connell, a fifth-grade teacher from New York City, ran the fastest time of any of the women.

But she didn't win.

It doesn't get much simpler than a footrace. All it takes is a starting line, a finish line and a clock. You fire the gun and the first person to the end of the course is the winner.

However, as the marathon officials said to O'Connell - not so fast.

While O'Connell had the greatest run of her life and covered the course faster than any woman, she was told she couldn't be declared the winner because she didn't run with the "elite" group who were given a 20-minute head start.

So what could have been a lovely Cinderella story about a young woman rising above her expectations in a race that bills itself as all about empowering women turned into a strict the-rules-are-the-rules edict. That's not the image we're trying to promote here.

San Francisco has become one of those destination locations for the new breed of distance runner. Between the San Francisco Marathon in July and the Nike race - billed as the largest women's marathon in the world - over 40,000 runners will visit this year.

It is great that these events are held here, but they are also representing the city. What we are hoping is that they leave town talking about the terrific location, the great restaurants and the perfectly organized event. Instead, we look like we don't know how to operate a stopwatch.

"That's pretty weak," said Jon Hendershott, associate editor of the authoritative Track and Field News magazine, based in Mountain View. "Think of the PR they could have had with this girl coming out of nowhere. It sounds like they got caught totally off guard."

O'Connell, who describes herself as "a pretty good runner," had never managed to break three hours in five previous marathons. But as soon as she started at 7 a.m. Sunday, she knew it was her day. In fact, when she crossed the finish line 26.2 miles later, her time of 2:55:11 was so unexpectedly fast that she burst into tears.

"I ran my best time by like 12 minutes, which is insane," she said.

At the awards ceremony, the O'Connell clan looked on as the top times were announced and the "elite" female runners stepped forward to accept their trophies.

"They called out the third-place time and I thought, 'I was faster than that,' " she said. "Then they called out the second-place time and I was faster than that. And then they called out the first-place time (3:06), and I said, 'Heck, I'm faster than her first-place time, too.' "

Just to make sure, O'Connell strolled over to a results station and asked a race official to call up her time on the computer. There it was, some 11 minutes faster than the official winner.

"They were just flabbergasted," O'Connell said. "I don't think it ever crossed their minds."

No one seemed exactly sure what to do. The trophies had already been handed out and the official results announced. Now organizers seem to be hoping it will all go away.

"At this point," Nike media relations manager Tanya Lopez said Monday, "we've declared our winner."

O'Connell said some race officials actually implied she'd messed up the seeding by not declaring herself an "elite" runner.

"If you're feeling like you're going to be a leader," race producer Dan Hirsch said Monday, "you should be in the elite pack."

So this is her fault? O'Connell was just being modest.

"I'm a good, solid runner," she said. "I never considered myself elite."

Jim Estes, associate director of the long-distance running program for USA Track and Field, did his best to explain the ruling. He's had some practice with the issue. The Sunday before last, at the Chicago Marathon, a Kenyan named Wesley Korir pulled off a similar surprise, finishing fourth even though he wasn't in the elite group and started five minutes after the top runners.

In that situation, and in this one, Estes made the same ruling: It didn't count. O'Connell wasn't declared the winner and Korir didn't collect fourth-place prize money.

"The theory is that, because they had separate starts, they weren't in the same race," Estes said. "The woman who is winning the elite field doesn't have the opportunity to know she was racing someone else."

Estes admits that giving the elite runners a sizable head start may not be the best policy.

"These are things this race and other races need to look at," Estes said. "It comes down to what a race is, and who is racing who."

Nonsense, said Track and Field News' Hendershott. He said O'Connell took her best shot, ran the fastest and should have won.

"What's she supposed to do, lay back because she's not an elite runner?" he asked. "If the elites are going to lay back, that's their fault."

As for O'Connell, she's not bitter. After all, she got her best time ever, had a nice weekend in San Francisco and comes home with a story.

But she didn't win. Maybe the best way to explain that is to say it is just another case of the elites in San Francisco giving the city a bad name.


My only question that I can honestly ask is: WTF?!?!?!?!?

Halfway To A Good Chunk Of Change

So here it is, payday, which means I havent had any money since 12 days ago, and I'm 2 days away from having no money again. So, what do I do? After dumping the check in the bank, I stop at the nearby McDonalds to get lunch for me and the youngest. Cheap Happy Meal Toys subdue him, along with greasy empty calories provided by the chicken Mcnuggets, and I get my occasional Big Mac.
Well, currently they are playing the Peel Off Monopoly Game. Usually I just grab the pieces to see if I can get a free cheeseburger or fries or something, but I noticed this time around that as usual I get one-half of the "big prize" pieces. This time I have "Park Place". Combined with "Boardwalk", this is worth the $1 million prize.
So, now all I have to do is find the person with the magical other half to my little prize piece. So, if you find it, LET ME KNOW....I'm willing to give my half up for a meager $250,000. If you hook me up with the person who does have it, we'll discuss the finders fee you'd be eligible for.
Yes, I know....I am shallow enough to go for free contest money through my favorite fast food joint's prize pool!

Pre-Florida Meeting

And so it was, I had the pleasure, upon landing in Florida, of meeting our fellow blogger, The Godfather, from

Being a Godfather, of course he met with my wife and I at the Italian version of Applebees, Tony Roma's. WE had a good conversation over a midafternoon meal, before my wife and I departed in our rental to go to St Augustine for my sister's wedding. The first thing I noticed about The Godfather, is that he didn't look like he does in his little comment picture on the blogs. In truth, for those who are curious, here is the "real" Godfather's picture:

As a responsible blogger who feels the need to expose the truth in less than newsworthy headlines, I felt it necessary to make sure you all knew exactly who the Godfather is, so you'll know him when you see him. You'll also need to take note about what he ordered. The Ribs!!!! And not only the ribs, but with a wink and a nod to the waitress. Being such a great investigative force, and having seen fictional and nonfictional mob accounts, I knew what his real meal was. Ribs!! Yes, and not just your normal restuarant prepared ribs, but judging by the size, I'd say he ate the ribs of his enemy's newborn child. He was clearly sending me a message. I was on his turf, and we didn't want me to mistake his friendliness for weakness. That if I crossed him, the next meal on his plate would be my kid's ribs. Interestingly enough, my wife also ordered the ribs. I can't help but think my wife ingested the ribs of the Godfather's nemesis, in some sort of way of making her an unknowing accomplice, thus buying our silence.

Of course, now having met this man, and exposing the truth behind him, I will be out on the lamb. For he will come for me, albeit too late, as he has been outed!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Debate Analysis- 3 Days Later

This last Wednesday night I saw the first 2/3 of the presidential debate (the first one I've actually watched, and more geared toward doemstic policy) before my wife distracted me with what she likes to call better action than politics, which she hates.
(3 points for the wife)

First off, IF this was my first exposure to the whole campaign, and I came in totally ignorant of everything, Obama won the debate, and I would definitely be voting for him over McCain.
(1 point Obama)

My take on the negative campaigning question, I had issue with both of them. Neither really answered. Obama tip-toed around the question, while McCain expressed disgust with negativity while simultaneously throwing in a few negative sounding jabs at the democrats.
(0 points)

On the economy, Obama sounded really great. McCain's plan was pretty sound on the surface. However its amazing to me that the moderator showed results of both plans adding about $200 billion to the deficit annually. Obama later retorted something to the effect of all independent organizations showed his plan to be perfectly sound and on target (I dont have the exact words, so don't quote me). McCain wasn't exactly on target either, but I think he had a greater grasp on the simple math...added to the fact that he supports line-item vetos, which would greatly help to reduce useless expenditures. Obama said programs would need to be cut in order to make room for some of his programs. I get that, however, his plan still leaves way too much taxation on the group that will provide more tax money either directly, or through new jobs that provide for more taxes through those people. Everytime in history has shown unfair taxation on the producers has resulted in less overall tax rolls.
So just what is Obama going to cut???
I do agree with Obama on working the tax code to encourage American companies to bring their production back home, while discouraging further outsourcing of manufacturing jobs.
(draw- 1 point each)

On energy policy, both had great ideas. Obama is still pondering the whole drilling issue, while McCain is ready to act. I score McCain that point. No matter what we do, we have to utilize all options, not just drilling, and not just anti drilling. As cheap as it makes gas in Iowa, the ethanol mandate needs to go, along with their subsidies. Obama made a point about the oil cmpanies having 68million undrilled acres of land they have leased,where they COULD get oil. The problem with that is, IS THERE ACTUALLY ANY OIL THERE? I'm in favor of them "using it or losing it", but I think we ought to concentrate efforts of drilling where we KNOW its at. I think Obama is, while not saying it, against going that direction. (1 point McCain.

On healthcare, I think both candidates have great ideas, and some not so great ideas, but both fall short.
(0 points)

So tallying it up, Obama and McCain score 2 points in my book each. My wife gets her 3 she wins....but I'm biased and she's not running or elegible for the office. Pure scoring would show Obama as the winner of this debate. So given the draw, in my books, the debate goes to McCain for not totally flubbing this one up. Noone expected him to be anywhere near close, at least not according to main stream media outlets, and even a lot of conservative media outlets. He held his own, despite poor coaching from the leadership of the GOP.

Both candidates stuck almost squarely to their side of the aisles arguments. Obama talks about reaching across the aisle, but his words arent as loud as his voting history. He's going to have to adopt a few conservative perspectives to get all those things done he says he will, unless of course the DNC achieves filibuster proof control of Congress. McCain talks about issues, but his words give way in favor of hard-right perspectives on what should be said and done. While associations with certain people can come into question and are important, along with judgement calls on things, the issues based solely on provable facts are the only real strength of a republican platform. Unfortunately the republicans always fall short on following a real gameplan.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Candidate Popularity, or Lack Thereof


Okay, so this 2nd and final entry for Open Forum this week again comes from Stoner.

For any who may have followed his blog since the beginning of the campaign season know he was a pretty big Joe Biden fan. Joe Biden received little support in Iowa, and subsequently dropped out of the race to avid wasting money elsewhere. Who knows how he would've done elsewhere. Biden, despite his reputation as a longwinded blowhard, has smalltown working class roots that should identify with Iowans, but apparently this go around, it failed to garner much attention.

So he wants to know: How come hardly anyone gave two hoots about Joe Biden until he became Obama's running mate? If it's not just because he's joined forces with Obama, as I suspect, then what is it that changed? And what if the ticket positions were flipped?

My take is not so much that they are caring so much about Joe himself, but rather the fact that he is on the Obama ticket. Generally speaking, a vice presidential candidate will always garner more popularity and support because they are with the overall popular candidate of that party. Take for instance, Sarah Palin. Until she was announced as McCain's running mate, 90% (a low estimate, I'm sure) of Americans, nevermind conservatives, even knew who she was, nevermind care.

If the ticket positions were flipped, well Joe would obviously have popular support of the party and its voter base. How Obama did previously, his popularity would soar as the new VP pick. Plus, when it comes to garnering minority support, Obama would be the obvious choice...even though 90% of minorities vote for the democrat anyways. But with the choice of Biden by Obama, it is helping to gain some of the older more traditionalist white voters to support the Obama ticket. Had Obama picked someone like say Jesse Jackson, or his friend Deval Patrick, he would have lost a lot of support he enjoys today over McCain, by demographics alone.

READERS.....Your thoughts???

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Okay, so that kind of tagline works better when The Rock would say it (as opposed to my typing it)...but hey, I'm giddy as a schoolgirl right now!
After almost two weeks of an emotional rollercoaster, I finally found someone to work with me, and it wasn't one of those "crappy car ride" places that give you an old car that wont make the distance of the loan without having the majority of things replaced first.
It was a used car place as part of a larger dealer in the area. So, instead of being the proud owner of an 8 year old Buick Regal that lies dead at a repair shop, I now am the proud owner of a 2007 Saturn Aura with the low (lowest on any vehicle i've ever owned) 47,500 miles on it.
The salesman, Brian, and his manager really worked out a great deal, dropping their price and agreeing to a few other terms of mine to make sure that I got the vehicle I wanted, and drive off with. I have longer loan terms of 6 years, but it puts my payments at about $310 a month, which will be paid off much quicker than 6 years, but its nice to have low payments.
The only real downside to it all is my insurance. By transferring my same full coverage over to this newer vehicle, it wiped out the discount I got just this month for having a perfect driving record and no claims. I was paying $75/mo, and had it slashed to $45/ I'm going back up to $77. Oh well, it isnt totally horrible, and...I HAVE A NEW more asking for rides to work for me, no more of my wife having to work only the schedule of her ride....and of course, it's silly, but I have the whole prideful thing of knowing that I am the man of the family who "takes care of things."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Florida Trip Part 3!! Out on the town!

This is the entrance to the Huguenot Cemetary, which is located right outside the original city gates to St. Augustine. Apparently, its current location is backed up, at least the walls of it, from where a road traverses between the cemetary and city gates. I guess a lot of the old town is basically sitting atop many graves.

Well, I found the way-too-small straw coyboy hat, but the place lacked a pair of six shooters, so the plastic fake swords still in plastic wrapping had to do...Giddy Up!

Apparently the camera has a way of finding me wearing a stupid hat. I saw many hats, but none worth buying as it seems that I am just not a hat person. Especially not at "touristy" prices.

And these last two are basically just a look down a couple streets in the old historic downtown St Augustine. I believe this first one is down St George. Avenue (or street or road, or whatever)'s lined with many novelty shops and eateries. I'm pretty sure I ate at least 80 pounds of food while down here, as it seems I spent more time with food in my mouth than not. Guess that's one way to shut me up!

I think this is the main road along the downtown on the north end....I forget the name...I didnt eat on this street, so its really unimportant.

Florida Trip Part 2

So here's the wedding party. Although you can't see the Maid of Honor in this one, you'll see her in the next one. The wedding was done on a bridge within the Lightner's central courtyard. Meanwhile, in the water below, fish swam about and to the amusement of the bridesmaids, farting sounds came from the water. Exactly what happened is not known, but the farting fishes sounded good enough to me. I guess it was rather hard for the bridesmaids to contain laughter. They did however do a pretty good job considering the great humor of the pastor, as he switched back and forth between praise and condolence for my brother-in-law. Add that to the fact that my sister and her new husband seemed to be in a nervous fit of giggles. Having been through a wedding before, I can understand...although I'm sure my mother never threatened Victor prior to the nuptials as my mother-in-law did.

And here is a shot of all 3 bridesmaids, including the maid of honor on the right (your right, not theirs). Lovely girls, but since they are my sister's friends and we all grew up together, I stand by the fact that they MUST have cooties. My research shows that dressing them up doesn't change this fact.

And here is the required shot of the bride and groom cutting the cake....

....and here's the cake prior to the moment of desecration being performed in the above picture. Oh sweet confectionate of sugar and flour and sugar and eggs, and sugar....I'll miss you. I loved you, but I couldn't stop them from cutting you into little pieces...

And of course, here's the obligatory picture of the wedding bouquet....stupid flowers. Obviously my wife tooks these pictures. And I base this on A- the pictures are good, and B- I wouldn't take a picture of these flowers. I would've preferred to take a picture of me in superhero action. The girls left the veil in one of the rooms at our hotel. Luckily Dani and I, along with my parents, hadnt left yet. I took control of the situation and managed to make sure the hotel let me into the other room to procure the veil and quite possibly ensure at least one occasion in my life in which my sister was truly indebted to me. I'm sure that indebtedness wore off on her part within 24 hours... (If you want to see how a hero dresses, when he's out in disguise from his usual lounging in pj bottoms and a tshirt, see the picture of me and my wife on the right hand side of this blog, taken on the balcony of The Reef during the reception)

Florida Trip - Part One

So, here's the view from our room at the Hampton Inn, which was graciously comped by my sister, Becky, and her husband, Victor. Just beyond those trees and 2 buildings after that is Vilano Beach and the Atlantic Ocean (a mere 100 yards away).

And here is the reason we were down in Florida...Becky and Vic right after their ceremony at the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine.

....and again at the Reef Restuarant, where they held a very nice, very lowkey reception. I wish my wife had taken pictures of the was great!! I had the Chicken di Parma...YUM!

That's right, take it in. LITERALLY, the ONLY time I have ever seen my dad in a tuxedo. And I'm sure he will assure you if you ask, that this is also the LAST time you will see him in a tuxedo.

And here is Vilano Beach, taken our last day in St Augustine before checking out of our hotel on Sunday morning.

More photos to follow soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A quick note on my return- AN UPDATE

As some of you either already knew, or noticed, I have been away for a few days. I took a trip to Florida to see my sister get married. We arrived back home early this morning. The trip went well, but the return home not so much. MY car broke down in the middle of nowhere loaded with luggage and my family about 80 miles from home on I-35.
Thank God for my dad, who came to rescue us after a long day himself and having to travel through constant rain and get us home in the wee hours of the morning. So, I just wanted to let you all know, the next couple days may not see much activity from my end. I have to get things in order with my sole vehicle, and after that, I have to get the pictures together so that I can write an appropriate blog post down.

See you then!

AN UPDATE SINCE I ORIGINALLY POSTED THIS----Got news from the car guys $438.12 later that the engine is done, as a rod and its bearings decided to throw themselves right out the engine block and the oil pan as well....additional costs to replace estimated minimum at $3441.16 (all of which I don't have, as the warranty ran out about 18,000 miles ago). Our local bank has pretty much told us no go on a loan to get it up and running. So without a single vehicle operating for the family, we will have to quickly hunt down all our options to secure a good running vehicle, so I guess despite our LAST payment being in one week for that one, I shall have to take on new payments for a vehicle one way or another. I know everything will work out in the end, but sometimes I wonder just how much stress God thinks I can handle without breaking....(I may have to go into AVON sales..LOL)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Senate Passes Bailout version #2

So the senate has passed a new version of the bailout bill. With some new little perks, most of which still do not benefit those who will spend their lives footing the bill to save those who couldn't fix their own problems.

See my last posting to know my view on pretty much any bailout bill. Borrowing nonexistent money at a huge cost to clear up the books of lost money so that these already powerful people who have plenty of their own personal money can get a little more of each.

Inevitably I see some version of a bailout bill passing, but its satill a bunch of money being thrown to cover up a problem without actually taking care of the root problems, just the results. Many countries have been advised by us before to let the markets correct themselves, and keep government out of it. But, as usual our government couldn't contemplate such a concept for us, the ones who should matter a little more considering our overall wealth and power throughout the world. Instead, we'll go against our own advice, and use the problematic people to oversee how to fix all our woes, which they helped to create in the first place, to an even larger degree than all the other countries we advised before.

I heard someone mention, I think it was Glenn Beck (whether they were his words, or quoting someone else), that Oct 29, 1929 wasn't the Great Depression, but was an anomaly that would;ve corrected itself and registered as a minor economic blip in the course of our history, but that the Great Depression actually happened because of all the well-intentioned government programs set up and designed to "rescue" our economy. Too bad that 10 years into the programs our country still saw 20% much for a good rescue. Why is it I see the same (while maybe not 20% unemployment)type of recovery this time around if our own leaders in the government can't keep their mittens out of this proverbial oven?

And one more question- aren't there 100 senators in the senate??? With a total tally of 99 votes going yay or nay, who didnt vote (or just vote themselves present)?