Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27th, 2009

So today I turned 30. I remember a few years ago when my birthday actually meant something to me, other than the changing of my numerical age. And somehow, some way, things have changed. I'm not excited about turning a year older, nor disappointed by that fact.

I don't really drink or party like I used to. The societal highlights of my birthday this year include the fact that gays can now get married here in Iowa, starting officially today. So my birthday is now synonymous with gay marraige. Didn't see that one coming!!!!

And a coworker of mine called me this morning to wish me happy birthday. He warned me he would call and sing it, so to let the machine get it. Then he had his 17 or 18 year old female cousin (whom he is the caretaker of) call and leave a message about how great 'last night' was......yeah, the look on my wife's eyes: PRICELESS!!! Gotta love a coworker who knows how to stretch one's sense of humor to meet up with mine!

Yep, so today, I think I will get offline now, watch a coupel movies and vegetablize myself into my chair, and hang out....then I'll take a nap, because I have to work tonight!



DeadMule said...

Happy Birthday. And Mike, this day isn't about the news but about a celebration of your very being. It is a day to be thankful that your parents gave you life. A day to enjoy family and beauty and simple pleasures: like flowers and ice cream. Happy Day.

Mookie said...

Thanks for the bday wishes! The idea of ice cream is appealing, but my mother in law sent me home with a big thick rich cold cheesecake....It's all I can do to get that down, much less add ice cream. My gut is deceiving in size as to how much maintenance is needed to maintain it.

As for the flowers, I have to go places to admire them. The deck on my apartment faces north-norhtwest, so very little sun. It seems that only hostas and other green plants do well, but creating a colorful array with my beginner's greenthumb has fallen short these last 3 years! Any ideas?

DeadMule said...

Lillies of the Valley in a large pot can be left out all year. They always look dead in early spring. They may be hard to find, but you only need a few. They will spread. They are typically grown on north side of a house.

Mookie said...

I'll definitely look into that. Thank you very much for the idea.

I forgot to mention earlier, it's not that I care about the news that happened in conjunction with my birthday...I'm just trying to figure out how to get some credit or cash in on the whole deal!! LOL

DeadMule said...

Also, rosemary. My older plant (I have two) is covered with small purple flowers. This is the first year it has bloomed. Is evergreen and can be decorated for Christmas. LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Mike!!

My son turned 29 on the 15th and informed me that this was the last birthday he wanted acknowledged. LOL

I thanked him for letting me know because now I would have a blast on his next birthday just because! I'm such a good mother you know.......ROFLMAO

And by the way....since you went about 19 days without posting, I don't think you are in any position to complain about my lack of posting on my blog.....LOL

Anyway, Hope you had a great birthday - understanding that I consider relaxing and doing nothing to be GREAT!

Mookie said...


Thanks for the B-day wishes, and also:

"And by the way....since you went about 19 days without posting, I don't think you are in any position to complain about my lack of posting on my blog.....LOL"

HAHAHA....I almost lost my coffee via my nose when I read this part! All I can say is "Well Played!"

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday (a couple days late)! Hey, when you don't post for awhile I get out of the habit of checking in every day. And you were born right when we were lurching into the last big economic crisis. Iran had just become an Islamic republic, the Shah was on the run, and Jimmy Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit (seriously -- happened in April 1979, I think it was an omen of foreboding).

Mookie said...

A swamp rabbit almost takes out a President huh??? No wonder they didn't re-elect him. If a guy can't handle a rabbit....

Godfather said...

Wow, that is really old. Besides, it is not turning 30 that is bad, it is when you finally realize you are no longer in your 20's!

Happy Birthday!

Mookie said...

Thanks Godfather!!
Sadly, while only having existed for 30 years now, my body felt it was no longer in its 20s when playing touch football with 8-12 yr olds a couple years ago made muscles hurt that I forgot existed in my body.

Every now and then I try to do the stuff I used to be able to do without hurting too bad afterwards, but slowly, I'm wising up to the fact that I'm no longer that invincible know-it-all I once was!

American Elephant said...

Happy Birthday!
The big 3-0! (I'm creeping toward the big 4-0) But most people I know think the 30's are even better than the 20's. I wish you great health,wealth and happiness.

Mookie said...

AE- thanks....I have the health, and the happiness is basically there, however, if you'd just "share your wealth" with me in the form of a check I'd be much happier...please remit payable to:... ;)