Friday, December 3, 2010

Today Is A Wonderful Day!

First off, my mother was gracious enough to loan us her laptop until Christmas, when we get a desktop computer to replace the old one. This allows me more time to contemplate any blogs, emails etc, beyond the 2 hour limit set at the library up the road. It also allows my wife time to practice her pre-tests for work without having to leave home after getting home from work.

It's also snowing out. Usually this is not something that thrills me, but I have tonight off so far. Still trying to figure out how to work tonight if at all possible. Wednesday night marks the first time I've called off sick from work, so I lost 8 hours of time. I haven't been sick in almost 11 years, and I got hit hard by some sinus/head/chest cold business that hit me in the face like a bag of bricks. I was definitely not expecting it to happen. I avoid all the colds and flus, normally. However, while I'm not quite back to 100%, I have realized a couple things. One, this marks the moment I am getting better, and my immune system has one more set of antibodies to help defend me. I expect nothing short of 30 years without illness now, minimum. Also, I have had a lot of stress I have been mulling over, and I think this was God's way of telling me I'm not superhuman, to quit acting like I am, stick my faith more in Him than me, and now that I've hit sort of a bottom in my life, everything is looking up.

I think the fact that I actually called in sick, rather than try to tough it out at work for a few measly bucks shows I may actually be learning. And of course with that learning, I also realize that if I had been thinking more clearly and not just about money and bills, I would've called off on a few occasions just to spend time with my wife when she asked me to do so in the past.

I spent way too much time worrying about such trivial things, and not about the more important things in life, like my wife and kids and spending time with them instead of working so damn much. I remember once my 2nd dad once said he "works to live, not live to work." in reference to a conversation with his boss about not participating in overtime so he could go to the kids ballgame. I sort of let life get in the way, and forgot that little nugget of a life lesson.

However all being said and done, I am reminded by something the Reverend Tim Storey said:

"All of us experience setbacks in life at one point or another. Maybe one of your children is in trouble, our finances are in crisis or your marriage is falling apart. But, just because your dreams are currently a nightmare does not mean it's over! God is in the business of resurrecting dead visions. It does not matter how big a mess your life may be- don't take a step back- because God has already prepared your comeback."

I spent way too much time examining my past and the wrongs within it, my limitations and all the excuses in the world. Now it has come time to just drop them and do what needs to be done, no matter what anyone else has to say about it, since its my life to decide instead of using it as I had: a life to default.


Anonymous said...

"I expect nothing short of 30 years without illness now"

HA! You got it backwards! It's all down hill from here. Its been 11 years? so your next one will be in 5 and 1/2 years. Then the next in 2 and 3/4, then the next in a year or so, then pretty much every time you turn around or look at someone funny.

But seriously...I like that quote, good way to look at things.

Get well, and if you only get sick every 11 years, make sure you're milking it for everything it's worth! :)

Mookie said...

Funny comment on the downhill slide! Seriously though, a lot of it is faith, and mental willpower to control one's body. As for milking it, I was too out of it for a very short period of time to even think about it.
My wife, back when we were dating once skipped school to take care of me when I went ill. made me homemade from scratch chicken noodle dad ended up eating most of it himself. I got one bowl out of an entire stock pot. As for these days, my wife just rolls her eyes, knowing I will get well quicker than most, and tells me to deal with it!