Friday, August 5, 2011

A Return With Less Cowbell Than Thought

So... Been quite awhile since I graced you people with my presence. Yeah well, I've been busy, and the whole lack of internet at home kind of slowed things down some. We'll see how much my presence works out here again. I now have internet access, courtesy of some wifi action my friend has helped out with greatly. I can't even remember the last time I logged myself into this whole interweb thingy while sitting in a comfortable seat.

I'm still trying to get used to this, so if u find yourself behind a slow moving internet user, well sorry, but just remember this: I may be going slow, but I'm still in front of you!

That and I was assuming my return would come automatically with a parade of some sort. I'm looking around and I neither see nor hear the fire trucks, the Shriner's in their crazy cars, or a few politicians trying to keep their names and faces remembered for voting day. Of course I'm sure the politicians will find a way to hack their rhetoric right into this blog somehow, any moment... Oh crap, I now see them coming this way already. Steve King, Michelle Bachmann, John Boehner and President Obama are running this way!!! This is clearly not going to end well...

I can only hope Christopher Walken will show up any moment with more Cowbell and shoo them away and lead them to someone else's page like some modern day pied piper business. I've already gotten the political calls on my phone...I do not need them on my blog!!!! HELP ME!!

Anyways, I'm now going to have to contemplate this renewed option and unclog the information traffic jam in my brain to maybe bring more interesting posts back to your lives.

P.S.- I thought absence made the heart grow fonder... I'm not seeing a huge wave of followers who joined vigiliantly to see my return... I mean for pete sakes this is almost as important as MacArthur returning to Korea like he said he would!

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