Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Democrat Governor that made me smile

While an independent, most who know me know I lean to the right and am more apt to vote republican than democrat, depending on the candidates in question. Our last gubernatorial election in Iowa, I voted for the republican candidate, but somehow the democrat who ran the voter/elections record keeping office somehow took me off the voter registration between 2004 and 2006. Nothing about me changed except maybe my weight and my income. My address and place of employment were all the same. Now in 2004, I voted for our current President. Maybe this irritated Mr. Mauro, who knows? I showed up with my voter ID card, my driver's license, 3 credit cards, an insurance card, and my state ID for security officers. But, somehow in 2 years I lost my ability to vote. My wife was on their list, but not me. Inevitably my little "consolation voting form" didn't count because they had no record of me. But I got a NEW voter ID card with all the same information. So hopefully in November I'l be able to vote. Luckily I couldn't really contest my vote not counting, since my guy lost by a landslide, rather than say, by my vote alone.
So anyways, we have a tax and spend Democrat governor, Chet Culver. Now, this guy once proposed an increase in our redemption deposits from 5 cents to 10 cents, with only a return of 8 cents. The other 2 cents would be used to provide more funding for the recyclers and some other thing, maybe the environment, I don't remember. Basically he was proposing a new 2 cent tax on sodas, beers, energy drnks, etc. That was shot down, so he proposed our current deposit be expanded to water bottles, milk containers, and other such things. I could get behind that because it would expand our recycling efforts, and I would have more options for collecting money like the bum I am. Now that's all past issues, the deposit law bill dying in legislative limbo.
Today's article is what made me smile. We recently had a bill that expanded the power of public employee unions pass through the legislature. The bill HF 2645, would have allowed public employees to negotiate a wider range of issues including work shifts, leaves of absence and early retirement. With vague language, this could have led to millions of dollars in taxpayer funded unintended consequences. Unreasonable perks and benefits for these employees at a cost to the average joe's wallet through substantial new public expenditures. Governor Culver said he would veto this bill, straying from the party lines, and union alliances normally found in the democratic party.
Also up for debate and passed was an increase in pay for legislative members, including a $12,600 raise for the governor, putting total compensation at over $140,000 annually for him alone. After receiving massive input from the public, he has decided to veto this measure as well stating, "I believe it is wrong to say to the people of Iowa that you have to tighten your belts, but elected officials don't"

And so today, governor Culver, you made me smile. You looked out for the people of this state rather than your party and your lobbyist supporters.


All In said...

I have on occassion voted democrat. Usually for positions that do not make the law. As long as they are not in a position to make law liberals often make great elected officials.

I voted for Ike Skelton (D-MO) last time around. He is the ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee. I have lived to regret that vote.

Mookie said...

Yeah, when the slogan was "I like Ike", they meant Eisenhower, not Skelton!