Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've been tagged (also titled: should I be flattered or irritated?)

Ok, The Godfather just tagged me so now I must mention 10 Random Things That Make Me Happy. 
*Just a note; I don’t have to further explained any of them!

1. My wife and kids
2. A day off from work
3. People actually commenting on my blogs
4. Having more money than month
5. Playing sports with anybody
6. Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Sweet Tea (depending on the day and time of day)
7. Cross country road trips
8. Exploring nature
9. Writing
10. Seeing old friends

Since I have a small blog roll, I won't be tagging anyone it, i'll just retire here. That way, I don't hit up people already tagged, and make it more of a chain letter like annoyance!


Anonymous said...

By the way...first, and only, tag. No more coming from me...ever.

If I ever violate that rule...send me this post!


Mookie said...

Oh yeah, nothing personal on the tagging. One reason I've taken more to this sight, as opposed to my myspace is that tagging and stupid little chain bulletins/emails were getting WAY out of hand!

Anonymous said...

Good list. I see you put your wife and kids first.

I'm not surprised that you are into sports and the outdoors. You look athletic.

Isn't it interesting how caffeine appears on our lists?

Mookie said...

I survive strictly because of caffeine...I'm sure with 19-22 hour days EVERY day, that I actually died 3 years ago, my body just hasn't been allowed to drop yet!