Friday, June 26, 2009

Life- Illustrated Through Calvin & Hobbes- Part 1

This post is to illustrate the basic understandings of life through a child's eyes. I have chosen my favorite childhood comic strip of Calvin and Hobbes as the visual aid.

Looking back on life, photos always provide us proof of our existence that was either prior to our ability to remember, or has merely escaped us.

While Mom may be the nurturer who we turn to for comfort, the lessons of life and the knowledge it contains, we glean from our all-knowing smart fathers. While they try to sound smart, their answers often leave us more confused than before we asked the questions. And of course, Dad is always one to try to push his antiquated values into our impressionable minds.

As you can see, Dad's values may have entered our minds, but they forgot that the steel trap that is a young child's mind, often releases the fruits of their labor in a different form!!

As more and more questions come, sooner or later Dad's Wisdom starts to come into question....usually after we mention something to Mom. Thus a more balanced, almost common sense approach, enters our growing minds.

At a young age, we accept Dad's wisdom blindly. Seed of doubt enter our minds through the years as we become more enlightened, and eventually we begin to question, if not outright deny, our Dad's intelligence (or his sanity for that matter). He should be thanking his wife, first and foremost, for such undermining of his authority. And yet, somehow it will be us children who will pay later for challenging his stances on life. I'm sure it has nothing to do with HOW we go about it all.

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