Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Blog By Old Guy Added To My List

(title note: I'll take my potshots where I can)

So yesterday, as usual, I sit down at the computer with my coffee. I got an email message from my old (no pun intended) High School English teacher, Larry Sorensen, or as I know him: MR. Sorensen.

When it comes to addressing people I grew up with, especially teachers, I find myself confused as to call them by their actual name, or to continue to address them with formal title. Fifteen years ago, if I had called the guy Larry, I surely would've been flogged. Not sure if a teacher flogging a student back those many years was legal, but I wouldn't put it past him, and I think he and I both know I would never have said a word about it. The thought of being flogged again for being a rat wouldn't have set well in my mind.

Anyways, I get a message from him telling me about his new page where he will be blogging and also doing some occasional poetry as well. I read some of his writings, and like his personality, his writings can be quite humorous. I think a lot of you who read this blog (I'm still not sure what in the hell you were thinking by doing that), will find Mr. Sorensen's blog much more humorous, witty, and entertaining. At least it'd better be. I'm an idiot with random musings, he actually taught this reading and writing stuff. His poetry teachings never stuck with me, nor the whole speech thing, or...well most of it never stuck. I spent my time in his class usually paying more attention when he was just talking and telling stories. I personally found them more valuable and entertaining, although he did have us read a few good books that I still remember. Just for the record, Great Expectations was not one of them, in my humble opinion. But like I said, I'm an idiot, and wouldn't recognize great literature if it walked up to me and socked me in the nose. I still keep Calvin & Hobbes on hand for my heavy reading. Either way, I stayed awake in his class, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other teachers I had.

So head on over to Larry's page- Just Jokin' and give it a read. I haven't found a comment section, but he does have a contact page if you want to give him feedback or just swap stories about what a punk I am.


Anonymous said...

Where is Mookie? What have you done with him?

Mookie said...

just been busy, and not having the right inspiration to write a post as of late...
Soon enough I'l add something new!

Anonymous said...

K, just checking