Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Even though it's not until tomorrow, and I no longer have my kid's mother as my Valentine like I did the previous 14 years, I know exactly what my plans are. I'm working...Apparently I heart my boss. And he'd better heart me back because I also offered to work next Friday which is normally my first night of two off during the week.

However, I had my boys with me this weekend. And I was rescued a well, by my buddy Miah and his wife Holly. They had us over for supper both Firday and Saturday night. The boys got a little Valentine gift bag from them (probably only because of Holly. Miah is a guy afterall and we don't consider such things without a LOT of help), so they got a bit of candy to boot, in addition to Pizza delivery Friday, and a nice meal grilled by Miah Saturday night. And Soda...lets not forget that they were allowed to have some soda this weekend.

I too was treated to a nice lil Valentines gifting as well. Apparently, my friends think I stink or something. I got not just one, but TWO different colognes to add to my collection of one brand that I have been using. I guess my stuff only covers up the fact that I only shower once a year for so long. Its as though my own funk has become immune to the current stuff. Guess body odor works like bacteria in building up its resistance. Someone once suggested maybe showering more frequently, especially since I don't have to pay the water bill in the apartment, but I'm sure you understand that such an idea is born out of pure madness! I mean who really wants to waste perfectly good clean water just to wash off a nasty funk that's only goign to return again?? It's kind of like those people who actually bother to make their bed in the morning after they get's just a pointless exercise in futility since you're going to mess it all up again later on!

So yeah... I now have new cologne to sport...I sure hope my boss likes it, since he is the one who gets to spend the actual Valentines Day with me this year!


casey said...

I do heart you. Iam so glad you will smell good also

jeremy said...

Screw valanties day its just another day made up by the flower fuckers and Hallmark

Curtis Bloes said...

Holy shit, It's Valentine's. Day!!!???

Megan Holmes said...

haha. so that's what that smell was? I don't remember a funk about you...have you gone reggae?