Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two New Bloggers

I recently somewhat cleaned up my list of blogs I follow. I deleted a couple I really don't follow anymore and replaced them with two new bloggers.

The First one you will see that is new is Accomplished Idler . This is my Uncle George, the free-spirited musician. He lives up in Northern Idaho, and as with the title of his blog, he is truly an accomplished idler. Read his post and you'll see he never followed the path society may have deemed one that would lead him to success. However, he has still managed to carve out a life for himself, and one of his own making that he enjoys, rather than doing what "the man" may have tried to manipulate him toward with all those cheesy school films that seemed to have all been narrated by the same guy. And that business about crap you did going on your "permanent record", even if such a set of files existed, I doubt very much he would've given much of a damn, and still ended up where he is today. With a family he loves, going hunting and fishing, teaching and playing music.

I am envious to a point. I have spent most of my life chasing after a few precious dollar bills, only to give them away to someone else who had a better scheme for collecting them than I did. I also tended to toe the line a little more, adhering to all that adult responsibility bullshit I was taught. I'm still working on finding that true passion in life that I can take advantage of and make it work for me, so that the work I do for money seems more enjoyable rather than a necessary evil. Plus, Uncle George has slightly better scenery than I do, living up around the mountains as opposed to in the midst of a giant farm dotted with the occasional town that makes up most of Iowa.

The second blogger goes by the alias Hicks Mason and the blog on my list is entitled "Now Wait A Minute...". I'd give you his real name, but the guy is paranoid enough to believe that you may be with the government, and if you find him, you will take him to some undisclosed location and torture him with vegan butter, and other unnatural crap. He is a member of the Alabama National Guard, and also sadly, a big Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Those of us in the Mookified compound try hard not to hold that particular aspect (being a Bama fan, not the Guard Duty) against him too much. Not being a huge fan of any SEC teams, we still prefer to see Auburn Roll the Tide back over Big Red and shut em up. Not likely...something about Alabama fans, they don't listen very well! (Sorry Hicks, I had to say it).

I guess you would consider his blog theme to be that one of Almost-Conspiracies. He's not way out there on the fringe like some wackos, but he just looks at things from his own common person perspective and lets his rant land where it may.

So if you get a chance, Go check out their blogs, leave a comment if you'd like, and become a follower to stay updated on them! You'll find them in my "Other Blogs to Consider" list on the right hand side, or just click their links in this post to get there and read on!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the post on making Whiskey by "Accomplished Idler" was fascinating. I'll have to re-read it tonight, perhaps while enjoying some yeast pee.