Thursday, November 20, 2008

Definitely Not Camera Shy!

Corwyn, this last 4th of July in front of the parade route, in my old hometown of Sac City, Iowa. This pose seems to be a common theme for him. He is, in his mind at least, either the the strongest guy he knows by far, or a superhero. Either way, his sights are set high, and he will not be deterred. I suffer a great many injuries from his super kid-claw attack mode.

In my Florida trip posting, you have already seen my photogenic poses in stupid cowboy hats, so now here's my idea of entertaining photography...obligatory dog pooping in action photos. Yes, Pure Art, I expect all the publications and academies to send me invitations to show my great work, and give me awards!

And here is Josh, as always being his adventurous little self. Anything to satisfy his need to express his boyishness, and also make his Nana cringe with fear that her poor little grandson might seriously injure himself. Obviously a direct take off his old man, who spent years forcing grey hairs to grow onto Nana's head!

It almost looks like Josh is preparing to toss Corwyn into the resevoir. Many days, I would love to be in a position to make this happen, if for nothing other than my own amusement. The only thing that is stopping me, is that I don't like the idea of getting myself into the cold water when I have to rescue them from the shallow, muddy and murky water of Maffitt Resevoir.

And lastly, THIS would have been the perfect opportunity to do so. They never would have seen it coming!

I tried to find some poser shots of my wife, but either she is far too innocent or just too sly to get caught acting like a goofball on camera. Or, she has hidden such photographs so well that my computer illiterate mind can't work well enough to find the incriminating photos!


swfreedomlover said...

Nice shots, though I think we could have done without the dog ready to poop one...........LOL

Mookie said...

Well like I said, you have seenw hat I looklike in front fo the you are able to photographically peer into my mind when it is on the other side of the camera!! GET OVER IT

*the little rat-dog by the way belongs to my parents. When I was growing up we were a BIG DOG kind of family....I don't know what happened to my parents...

americanelephant said...

One of my dog's best qualities, aside from unconditional love, loyalty and ceaseless happiness, was that he was terribly modest about pooping -- he simply had to go deep into the bushes to do his bidness. Which means I almost never had to scoop up after him when I took him on his walks!

A feature that should be included on every model! ;)

Mookie said...

While my parent's dogs aren't overly shy about such things, the lack of needing to cleanup after them was a big draw for my parents. We grew up with big dogs while I was there....the two dogs they have now are eerily (in age difference, their number, etc) the replacements for me and my sister. But dad syas the little guys doody seems to just disappear on its own, and no big deal.....our old Rott, on the other hand, was always a differnt story!