Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Entitlement? Yeah, Right.

Great Posting I stole..Hat Tip to The Godfather of for this great article:

I am amazed at the attitudes of people making their way into the workforce today. Frankly, given the current state of the economy I would expect people to be a bit more humble in their job demands.

I spoke with someone the other day that brought up the big “e” word…Entitlement. He actually felt since he finished college he was entitled to a good job with significant benefits.

I think the only people “entitled” to anything are royalty. Years of inbreeding, a careful selection of marriages, and century old rules could make one entitled to be king.

For example, I believe if 6,492 key people simultaneously disappear off the face of the earth I get to be a prince or something in Wales – I am entitled. If just one less person (6,491) disappears; I get a big cup of jack.

Let me see if I can clear up this misnomer for the newcomers to the job force. Here is a list of things you are entitled to and here is a list of things that you are not entitled to. Ready? Here we go…

A. List of things you are entitled to:

B. List of things you are not entitled to (otherwise knows as stuff you will just have to work for):

Everything not in list “A”

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

Bravo! This new "me" generation is pathetic. I even see it my office with their attitude of having some right to never feeling offended or never having to hear anything that might in any way make them feel a little uncomfortable.

I miss the days when adults were actually adults.

Even my own son; 28 & severely handicapped; has no thought of entitlement for I never told him he was entitled to anything.

Mookie said...

Yeah, I just love the kids that work with me. They complain about crap, despite being brand new and with no experience, making almost as much as me, hourly wise (sometimes, due to their shifts being 10 hrs a night, their paycheck ends up being bigger)even though I've worked 5 years (as of December 2nd), and am expected to have greater authority and responsibility.
I just want to smack the hell out of them and tell them to shut the blank up.

And as for the "Bravo!", you may want to direct that to the Godfather, unless your bravo-ing my ability to copy and paste!! Then, by all means, please add to the praise!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I "bravoed" him on his site too...........hehehehehe