Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day In America

After so many years, so many trials and tribulations we as a country have faced, America again has conquered another historic moment.

I went to bed last night at about 6:30, and was awakened by my alarm clock at 11:00pm to begin my night of work. My wife was just coming in to make sure I got up, so she could go to bed without being interrupted by my alarm clock. She looked me dead in the eye and with a hint of resignation combined with her being tired, said, "We just elected Obama as our next President." So we have now placed a clearly visible minority in the highest executive office in the land.

Both of us had cast our votes for McCain. Well, I did anyways, and assume she did as well, as she was not most vocally not puling for Obama. I admit a slight sense of disappointment when I heard the results, but was not really surprised.

While I do not agree with Senator Obama's politics, it appears an overwhelming majority of Americans did, and voiced their opinion through their vote yesterday. So from here on out, I guess we pray for a good solid leadership from an Obama administration, as well as our legislature. I pray that all the talk of Hope and Change weren't just the normal political rhetoric used to get elected. I'd like to hope that some of his politics were just that, and he becomes a little more moderate than his reputation, in an effort to unite a clearly and definitely divided country (in the political sense). I hope that he makes honest efforts to reach across the aisle, and not use a strong democratic majority across the board to shove all his programs down our throat, without regard to our wants or needs as a country.

So I'll keep a little hope of my own, that he does the job well.

Most of all, I'm just glad that my phone won't be blown up with robocalls, and my mailbox filled with a million political fliers every day (yes I exaggerated- it was only 1/2 million per day). At least not until January, when the batch of politicians vying for the 2010 midterm elections start their campaigning. God help us all. So to the Obama's, their supporters, and those who worked hard to take the campaign from 0 to the Presidency...Congratulations.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to how you feel here Mike. Though I tend to like Obama, I don't care much for his ideologies.

For the first time in my life, I actually sat and watched the damned about boring. But CNN is nuts, they were calling projections in states whose polls were just closing!

Like you, I hope and pray he IS a good President. He at least looks the part, let's hope he carries it throughout!

DeadMule said...

Hi Mike, As you know, I voted for Obama. Today the professor who was my thesis adviser published an essay on African American reaction to the election of our first Black President. (See my blog and follow the link to Wake Forest University. Our nation needs healing,and Obama can do it, but not if people refuse to let him. people who don't want to come together won't. Sadly, Christians should be the leaders in reconciliation, but they busy crying in proverbial beer.