Friday, May 8, 2009

Buggy- The Gap Toothed Killer!!!


Yesterday was the day of the boys' dental checkup. It went relatively well for Josh. A little sealant work, probably the result of biting into jolly ranchers and lollipops rather than sucking on them.
For Buggy (real name Corwyn) it was a different matter altogether. For the past few months we have known Buggy had become naturally "Bluetooth Ready". One of his top front teeth had become slightly discolored, and in certain lights had a bluish tint to it. It had recently become a little loose, but wasn't really bothering him, so we figured it would wait until the appointed time to see the dentist. the other day we discovered a nice sized cavity on a back upper molar. We knew that he was going to be getting some extra special attention with the torture expert...err dentist.
So after the initial checkup, I ran out to get lunch for the boys, as Josh was pulled from school and would miss his lunch hour, and it was passing Buggy's appointed eating time of 1130HRS. When I was informed of a 130 opening that they could do the work, and the initial appointment lasted until just after noon, I knew I had to run quick to get lunch, get the checkbook from home, email my wife to let her know the details, and get Josh back to school.

So we get back to the dentist's office, just Buggy and I. He, despite knowing he'll get yet another sticker for the day (he loves stickers), was not all that thrilled about going back for another dental checkup. He went back, got the back molar taken care of with a nerve treatment and a cap (basically a kid version of a root canal), and then the big stuff had to happen. It turned out the "blue tooth" had a nice hole right behind the lower biting edge that went straight up into the bone structure, and the two permanent front teeth were pushing down to come in. In order for them to grow in evenly, the doctor said the other front tooth, which was apaprently showing signs of loosening itself, should come out as well. SO now, you have the new look of Buggy, as witnessed above. I have dubbed him the Gap Toothed Killer. Why did I give him this name? Even I have no idea why such thoughts come into my head, but they do, and they don't go away just because you or my wife might find me a little on the weird side. But, at least now, the trouble in his mouth is taken care of, and by the time he goes to school in the fall and has pictures taken, all the relatives wont have to get the Gap Tooth look as their yearly picture update!
This first picture was taken a few hours after the appointment..he was a bit hungry, and mad that I wasn't feeding him anything, or letting him watch a certain HULK movie right away. So he looks a little more serious about it all. That and the "thing they nailed to his tooth" as he puts it, well he just couldn't understand it, and of course new caps always take a bit of time to get used to. But, all in all, it was agood dental visit. They said he did very well and didn't cry at all.


Well, the tooth fairy came last night. It turns out the price for teeth has gone up significantly since I was a child. Two teeth= $2!!!!! Beats the hell out of the quarter I always got...and if i swallowed my tooth or lost it outside while playing and couldnt find tooth meant no money was my dad's explanation of the tooth fairy's rules! I was told by my wife, who called me towards the end of my work shift this morning that power was out and that Buggy had gotten his $2. As you can see, he is far more ecstatic, knowing the gap in his smile made him wealthy. I just hope he doesn't experiment with self dentistry and a hammer!

But don't let the happy face fool you, or the fact that he will show off his new look to anyone who will listen to him (I'm sure the count is well into the 20s by now). Underneath this facade is a true killer. And now he has battle scars to show off just how tough he is!


American Elephant said...

Is he singing the most annoying song ever written yet?

Mookie said...

No, and THANK GOD for that!!!! there are some things I am just not willing to expose my children too, and that is one of them!

If they teach him that in school and he comes home singing it, I may sue for damages!! LOL