Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kid Note To Mommy

So I get home this morning and as I sit down at this desk, I look over to a stack of papers that are my future book. On top is a plain white paper with a note on it

Dear mom Im happy
for your new job I
hope you like lise
from corwyn
I Love You

As I read this I wonder a couple things when seeing notes from kids who aren't up to the task of using punctuation. The middle part particularly intrigues me. Is he hoping his mom "likes lice"? Or is he hoping his mom "likes lice from Corwyn"? Both are disturbing to me, especially if he actually means lice, and especially especially if he means lice from him. Which means I have to get a million quarters to do all the laundry, and we have to powerwash everything with acid or something drastic. Can a cat get lice from humans? Will the flea bath take care of that, or do I have to get a special bath for the lice and something else for the fleas? Do I need to dip the cat in acid to cure him of this and just hope he survives the cleansing?

I sure hope 'lise' was meant to be Lisa or something NOT LICE. Then I wonder who Lisa is and why Corwyn would want mom to like Lisa. Is Lisa a new boss? Does Bug have a girlfriend named Lisa that he thinks he has fallen in love with and wants mom to approve his plans for a young kids wedding? If the latter is the manner in which he means, I'm almost ready to accept lice as a better alternative.

When kids write notes everything is so innocent in their minds (at least I like to pretend that), and yet my mind is always looking for just what they mean. Most certainly when he 'hopes you like lise'. Wierd.


Danielle said...

he meant 'this' according to the conversation we had last evening, lol.

Mookie said...

Well then, Thank God for that! I was beginning to get worried!