Monday, April 28, 2008

And So Goes The Last Brother

So, maybe I'm stealing some thunder from Jay, but I decided to write about his younger brother, (Jere)miah having taken his last steps as a free man, and into the world of marriage. I'm sure he'll have his own, and more well written take on the events from his point of view, as well.
You see, the Burns boys are practically my brothers as we grew up from the diaper days together, and still maintain contact with each other. Josh, the oldest was the first to marry, then Jay, and then came the day I truly and honestly never thought I'd live to see: (Jere)miah took his vows with his beautiful bride. Did he grow and mature, or merely find someone willing to put up with him for the rest of her life? I suppose it was probably a combination of the two!

We found the kid who would pee anywhere and everywhere, meet the family man he became (who probably will still pee anywhere with little provocation). The ceremony was beautiful, and included a rather humorous pastor. Then we went off to the reception. The entire trip sent us from one end of the metro to the other, then back. Nothing like a free metropolitan geography lesson to go with the celebration!
I saw many people I haven't seen in years, including their parents (my second set of parents), a step brother, and some of their cousins, aunts and uncles, and an odd assortment of old friends. And of course, her side of the family whom I have never known, and doubt I'll ever see again.

A couple highlights from the reception. (Jere)miah getting cake in his eye from his new bride. During his thank-you speech, he acknowledge my birthday the following day (also his birthday...he'd better never forget his anniversary now!). If I had been thinking I would have told him keep me out of it, and pay attention to his wife, but I was caught off-guard and could only wish him a happy birthday back. Made me feel a bit lame that I wasn't quicker on my feet. During the dollar dance, Josh's wife, Bethany, paid (Jere)miah back for his 50 cent contribution to her. It was priceless. Following that, I danced with him myself, sending him into a dip, and having him take a dollar bill out of my mouth with his.....yes, we are still kids at heart, I suppose.
I think the best humorous part was when "Dueling Banjos" was played...Jay and (Jere)miah played the part of dueling dancers, which has been captured on video, and will in the near future, be found on the internet.
My two sons spent most of the reception running about in an attempt to dance that usually turned trying to knock over as many people as possible. This seems to be their best talent at social functions. My youngest got himself in trouble for pouring a perfect cup of beer from the keg, and then trying to tell my wife he got it for her, as well as playing with a fire extinguisher he "found". As for the beer incident, apparently one of the other nephews was caught attempting his own shenanigans.
Later on, some of us met at the hotel for a little after-party fun. I was convinced to actually use the hottub, and then enter the pool. This is something I haven't done in years, and surprised my wife after I told her about it. I've not been much of a water person ever. Eventually, (Jere)miah showed up. A plan was hatched to throw him into the pool fully clothed. The only snag was the expensive and delicate little cell phone attached to his hip. I was sent in to release him from the phone, by borrowing it to "call my wife". He never questioned my motive, and as soon as I had the phone, his brothers and a few other guys grabbed him and moved him toward the edge of the pool. He tried to fight them off, and his mom was in the water right in front of them blocking it all. I handed the phone off to Trevor, moved over to mom, and removed her from the target area, and next thing you know there's (Jere)miah in the pool in completely soaked clothing.
Karma caught up with me at the end of the night. After having changed into dry clothes "against my better judgement" as I told Jay, that sentiment of mine was passed on to Trevor. I, mom, and another were attempting to send cousin Blake into the pool, and as Blake went over the side, I felt a push, and followed him into the water. So my last pants, shirt, shoes, socks and me were newly wet.
So that is more or less how (Jere)miah and I started our birthday. Completely soaked and no dry clothes to change into. We also happened to be the only people there who had to drive home that night.....that was one cold ride! And , um, that's my memories of the evening.
On a personal note, during the reception I saw the all the guys I knew, still having fun with each other,just messing around. On the way from my house to the hotel afterward, I had thoughts of inadequacy. I've spent the past few years doing nothing but work, and hanging out at home. I felt as though I had forgotten how to loosen up and have fun with other people. I really needed that night, as I enjoyed myself as well as enjoyed the company and the fun we had.


All In said...

I always knew I had moves.

Shirley said...

Love the video! some point, those two had better go over and read my post on intoxication. :)

Blessings to the newlyweds...and everyone else.

shirley Buxton

Mookie said...

LOL, if you knew Jay well, you would know that the term intoxication can only apply to him in the form of love for his wife. Otherwise, intoxication in the sense of alcohol can only apply to others!!

Jeff Myers said...

Jay's got the mad skills!

After years of being cooped up in a Free Will Baptist church, Jay finally gets the Holy Spirit.