Friday, April 18, 2008

Subject Matter On This Blog

I have yet to decide officially what the theme of this blog will be from here on out. I have contemplated using it for my walk with Christ, in which I explore some of the Bible's teachings, and my interpretations of what it means to me. This of course will be followed by corrections in my attitude by my more Christianly educated friends who read this, until I get a better basic grasp of everything, and show that my great ITBS "reading comprehension" scores weren't just a fluke. I have also thought about using this blog to rant a bit on politics, or at least political issues. Afterall, being of evil conservative ilk, it would be my duty to force my opinions on you, dear readers, in my selfish quest to rule the world and further step on the heads of the impoverished. At least thats what the liberal side of my brain would like you to believe. If you have any input on what you would like to hear from the Mind of Mookie, feel free to let me know!

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