Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Would Be Your Perfect Day?

I have often thought about this question. I don't think it is ever the same, as all the things I enjoy could not all be easily fitted into one day. I imagine a day out with friends paintballing each other, or a day exploring nature while on a hike, sometimes by myself, other times with my two sons. Other times I would be satisfied just sitting at home with my wife watching movies. I imagine being able to get together a group of friends to play flag football (I'm getting to old to play tackle with people my size!), or hang out socializing while barbecuing some chicken. I'd love to again be able to take a road trip across the country, hitting all the little known out of the way attractions, with no concern of money or time.
I'm new to this blogging community, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on what a perfect day for you would be, and by all means, send your friends here so they can add their 2 cents in!


Renaissance Guy said...

The perfect day for me would be to take my kids to our friend's private lake to kayak and then have a picnic lunch.

Mookie said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!