Thursday, April 17, 2008

My First Confusion Here

So, my first sign of confusion came as I viewed this very blog for the first time. I had added a picture to the header. Now that in and of itself isn't an issue. What is an issue is that while there is no need to scroll left/right for anything else, in order to see the entire picture up top, you now have to. My good friend, said that it may have something to do with the size of the picture. Now I wouldn't normally question this, except for two things.
1) When uploading the picture, the system said it would reduce the size of it to 600 pixels. Now I'm no genius, so maybe this means something other than overall size?
2) My friend has a beautiful panarama of the mountains....I have a shot of me and my youngest on the couch....... last I checked a single mountain, nevermind the range, was WAY bigger than my couch.
I must be way off in all my photo knowledge. Lacking in the department of photogenics, I have few acceptable pictures I would post as it is, and not having interest in any photo other than something somebody else took of something or someone else (still following me?), I havent bothered to take on the knowledge of this subject. SO, my good friend, in order to preserve a previously established right to laziness that I am entitled to, will have to look into this so that he can tell me these things. Although, being lazy, it probably won't cause a change in this header, and if you really want to see the whole picture, you'll still have to go to the excruciatingly annoying effort to scroll right and then back left. Good luck with that.

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