Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pictures from the Black Hills (SD Pt 2)

Dinosaur Park, located on top of a hill in Rapid excuse to stop for a bathroom break, and a cheap thrill for the boys.

Bear Country USA. Imagine a safari tour and a zoo having a baby. That's what this place is. A long caravan of cars traveling through a series of semi-fenced off areas with different animals that included Arctic Wolves, Reindeer, Bears, Bighorn Sheep, Buffalo and more. Here are just a few pictures from there. Yes, I said I was going to poke a bear, however staging a bear in a nearly domesticated setting just didnt seem fair to the bear. I chose to wait and find a truly wild beat to poke out in actual wilderness.

One stop we made outside of Rapid City was The Cosmos. A very weird place, that I once visited 20 years ago. The picture of me might throw you off, but don't worry, I'm just overcompensating for my gut making me front heavy. The picture of the boys shows them standing on certified level-to-each-other platforms. Notice the serious change in size disparity when they switch places. I was used as an example in the house to show the tourists the weird effects of the area. I was to grab onto a bar and do some gymnast maneuver where I raise my legs up to make an 'L' shape out of my body. Doing it in one direction was supposed to be easier than the other. However, my abs and hip muscles never having been all that strong, it seemed pretty hard either direction. I don't think our guide/host was planning on such a weenie for that particular exercise


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You have a great looking family, and it looks like you had a blast on your trip. I'm happy for you.

Mookie said...


Thank you and yes, I do have a great looking family. Not sure how I got so lucky on that count. It really was a great time. Coming back to home so I could go back to work did not sit well with me at all!