Monday, July 20, 2009

Wyoming- the Second part of our vacation (pt 1)

So these first two pictures (I forgot that the last ones I choose end up being first...and our mouse is a bit busted, so the whole copy and paste to change order didn't work) are from the Bighorn Mountain Range in Central Wyoming. One is of a mountain, the other is looking from the roadside back over the stretch of eastern Wyoming we had just crossed. As we neared the top of the mountains during this trek, the sun was going down and it was a rather winding road, with lots of construction going on. I did about 13 miles on a dirt road bed they had removed the pavement from. I spent time trying not to hit the orange cones on one side, and not falling off the slope on the other. FUN!!! The trip down the western side on 10% downgrades for another 13 miles or so while winding back and forth was really good for my nerves! But obviously we made it, since your'e reading about it from me, rather than some actual news publication detailing the accident. Coming back in full light was much easier, and better for photographs, although we took less on the way back through. My wife took a total of 670+ photos during our vacation, along with some video.

And our first stop in Wyoming was Devil's Tower. We got here a day early after deciding Deadwood was a gambler's paradise, instead of the slightly fmaily friendly town it was 20 years ago when I last visited. A very interesting landmark, Devil's Tower was supposedly formed by a volcanic intrusion exposed after all other sediments surrounding it were eroded away. My personal professiona opinion is that it was the model for the Tower of Babel, but with the original architect killed in a building accident (something about a steel I-beam falling from the makeshift crane's hook), it was forgotted about and never torn down to use the materials for future building products As you can see, the boys STILL only need rocks to climb on to be satisfied with themselves. One guy was nice enough to offer to take a family photo for us as we hiked around the base. I'm the photogenic one with the hat on.

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americanelephant said...

Oh come now, everyone knows devil's tower was built by aliens as an intergalactic spaceport to which they could travel from their galaxy, billions of miles away, to perform musical hand signals with mashed-potato-sculpting hippies as is painstakingly recreated in the documentary film, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

(did you do the hand signals?)