Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pictures from South Dakota- Part 1

The following pictures are all taken while in South Dakota during our family vacation. All locations shown here are prior to reaching the Black Hills region of the state.

Apparently, the people of South Dakota are enamored with the idea of corn, and here is the corny mascot in front of Mitchell's (SD) famous Corn Palace. Being from Iowa, where we are surrounded by nothing but corn that is only mildly interrupted by some soybeans, hogs and cows, we chose to have the kids pose with an ear of corn???

This picture was taken in the "Backyard" of Wall Drug. In case you were curious as to just what a jackalope looks like, this is animal representation is a vastly oversized model. It is a popular picture spot for tourists with kids.

And here is that infamous Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.

Josh refused to pose with the saloon girl statuette. As you can see here, Bug had no issues...notice his hidden hand holding onto her opposite side's waist area. What a ham!

The last of these photos are all taken in the Badlands, with the exception of the one of my wife with Buggy, which was taken at the campground in Wall, 8 miles north of the Official Badlands National Park area

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scotterb said...

Oh, it's late and I don't have the energy to comment now, but I love your South Dakota pictures, they make me miss home. More tomorrow, when I've slept and am coherent.