Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update From The Colonel- July2009

Early on 03July2009, General Mook and his support staff (aka "the family") left the Mookified Compound for a period of nearly two weeks. I suspect it was political in nature, as the General is secretly petrified of dealing with the hard issues. As the only senior officer left, I was charged with providing security for the entire compound. With only periodic and minimal resupply from Captain Stew's Mobile Support Platoon during this time, my training would be put to the test. Lacking the General's presence, surely the enemy would come full charge.

Daytime incursions proved few and far between, allowing for some rest between combat patrols and operations. Nighttime however was a different story altogether. Unmanned aerial drones (the military jingo for "flies") had strafed and reconnoitered the compound on multiple occasions, keeping my forces unnerved and on edge. Rules of engagement were strict in that we were not allowed to counter anything other than direct attacks. The night of the "friendly fire incident" occurring was only an inevitable matter of time.

An unidentified personnel entered The Compound without prior notfication coming into our comm station. As he breached the perimeter, in the dark I only made out the silhouette of an intruder. I was the only one on guard duty at the time as our current threat level was listed as low. I had made the approach to the breach point too quickly, and the intruder stumbled over me, injuring my front paw. Not thinking of the Purple Heart that I would be rewarded, my true valor and combat soldier instincts came to the surface. With my cat-like reflexes, I used a jiu-jitsu leg sweep to take down our invader. My standard weapons not on hand I was forced to resort to hand to hand combat. I quickly pounced on my enemy assailant, climbing my way up the length of his body to finish him off. I began to apply the judo ear bite, but before I cinched in the finishing death blow, my good paw felt a slight difference in his ear. Recognizing this telltale sign of identification, I released the intruder.

Captain Stew, like most rear echelon brass, thought he was doing me a favor by showing up unnanounced with intentions of fresh chow. I had to explain to him (also read: chew his ass) the reason for protocol deeming forwarding communication prior to arrival. He was visibly shaken from his brush with certain death at my hands, but a good dressing down was definitely in order. Next time he'll know that he better arrive AFTER letting me know, or he may not be so lucky...


QUEEN said...

military intelligence should have briefed the colonel as to unsupervised visits.

Mookie said...

The Colonel was fully aware of most visits. This particular visit was an unannounced off-cycle visit. We stand behind the Colonel's action in the face of perceived threats.

-The office of General Mook