Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Mook meets The Duke

This is a flesh out of tidbit #3 from my earlier post here. It was voted on by some anonymous person wanting to hear more about my amazing life. I sure hope they read it and tell me just who the heck they are.

John Wayne showed his last movie The Shootist in 1976, and later died from cancer in 1979, the year the Mook was born. Over the years, I have seen releases of music from singers after their deaths, adding to their estates' bottom line, including what appears to be multiple outputs over the years from Michael Jackson. Well, apparently the Duke has decided he needed to get in on this kind of action, and shot one more movie. The set was in a secret location...My subconcious mind, where no sane person has ever managed to discover and escape unscathed.

You see, the Duke made a posthumous decision that the Western movie genre was in far too severe a decline, without him manning the leading role. So, after quick negotiations, my mind became the set. This "after-death" production was so secretive that I, being in on it, don't know the title of the movie, what its about, or my role in it. But I was there and making a movie with my favorite movie star of all time.

Well, at one point we finished shooting a scene, and me being me with my mookified personality decided to be my naturally funny self (also read: annoying but self amused). The Duke was off to the side of the set laying down. I thought it would be a great idea to sneak up on him and scare him real quick like. Now from what I understand, in real life John Wayne could be a real mean drunk after noon. And apparently it carried over into the afterlife. Well, just before I got to him, he swings around with his big old boots and nearly takes my head off. I go flying backward and land on the floor myself. Next thing I know the Duke and I are going toe to toe exchanging punches, pushes, and a few kicks. I guess I forgot to read the rider in his contract. Not only on film, but off film as well, the Duke wins the fight in the end. And that's exactly what happened. Apparently the Mook isn't as impervious as he likes to think he is.

As I lay there checking on my bloodied lip, I see a couple of goons dragging in some punk kid who only resembles me because he is white, and in no other way. They quickly tell me as they are going past me, that this kid is the source of the Duke's frustration. I proclaim that if that was the case, why was he picking a fight with me, I don't even look like this kid. John Wayne turns around, stares me down, and proclaims, "It doesn't matter, you got in the way and got what the kid deserved." And then I woke up.

So, in my dreamworld, it turns out my movie idol is a total jerk. I've heard before that you never want to meet your heroes in life, as they will disappoint you. And even if they are dead, it happens anyways. What a drag!


Josh said...

It might be fun to describe your dream to a psychoanalyst. I wonder what he/she would say about it? :)

Have you ever thought of keeping a log of your dreams?

Mookie said...

I think most psychoanalysts have pre-emptively given up on me. I'm a walking wierdo!

As for keeping a log of my dreams, I have considered it in the past, but very few do I remember even right upon waking up..the few that I do, from what I've read in dream-analysis books, there is almost zero connection (other than my ability to remember them).