Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Pick A Day When You Can Use All Of Them?

A fellow blogger who's site I visit regularly, made an interesting post yesterday, that really made me think. You can read, or rather see, it at
(And while you're at it, stick around there for the many other great parts of her blog site.)

It's amazing how we look to micromanage everything to specific days to remember events in our life, either personally or as a country. Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 21), 9/11, wedding anniversaries (Jul 1 for my wife and me), birthdays (apr 21 for my wife, May 4 and Dec 24 for my sons, Apr 27 for me), etc.

This post was specifically targeted for the recent 7 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. Each year now, and it shall slowly decrease in intensity as years go by, we take a moment to remember the people and places that were sacrificed that fateful day. But why do we choose to take the one day only to remember it all. It seems to me, that everyday we live should be a reminder of our world, our triumps and our tragedies.

I should thank God everyday for my wife choosing to spend her life with me. And I should always think about that, especially when she comes around with those inocuous little questions like, "you do know what tomorrow is, right?", or "Do you remember when our anniversary/my birthday is?"

Whether the politicians or the media ever let me forget 9/11 or 12/21, it should not be up to them, or up to a day of rememberance, but be firmly engraved into my mind and on my heart at all times, that I might take a moment everyday to reflect on such things, and what they mean to me.
Not what they mean to some politician or to me in regards to political stances, but what they mean to me on the most personal levels. It isn't neccessarily something that can be put into words, but merely feelings and thoughts that are sacred and answer to noone else but myself.

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DeadMule said...

Great post, Mike. Obviously, Old Glory rose to the occasion.