Monday, September 8, 2008

And So Goes My NFL Hopes

As usual (at least the last couple years) the preseason looked good for my beloved San Francisco 49ers. Great Offense, Decent Defense and Special Teams. And then, again as usual, Week 1 happened.
We kick preseason butt, and then when it's actually supposed to count, its as though the 49ers decide they have put forth enough effort for the season already.
Whatever your opinion of the Arizona Cardinals, my team seems to stink. I don't care if the Cardinals win every game this season and the SuperBowl (I think I just got sued for using a patented term, send money for my legal defense!), it doesn't negate the poor effort of my team.
We played against a good Bears team (who, btw whipped up on the Colts), first stringers even, with some substitutes, and won pretty handily. But then again, it didnt count.

The last time my 49ers made it to the Superbowl (crap...sued again!!), was the 1998 season. We still had remnants of the team created by the late, great Bill Walsh.
Now that arises more questions. Was Bill Walsh a pure genius when it came to drafting great players, like unknowns of Jerry Rice, decent college players like Joe Montana, and other unorthodox decisions that led to some of the greatest team-cohesion to survive in the early days of free-agency, when player loyalty started to shift from team to dollar bills? Or was he an ego-maniac hellbent on spending every future dime possible to assemble the great team for his own benefit of winning games and Super Bowls while he was still coaching?? Thereby sending future teams into an economic depression that kept them from spending those dolars on quality players, thusly grabbing himself a spot in the Hall of Fame as a dynastical coaching legend?
After all, His replacement Coach George Siefert was able to add a follow up trip to the Superbowl in his first year, with essentially the same team, and again in 1998 with still an almost identical team. And yet, many years, we have become a great farm team for defensive backs. They suck at San Fran, they get good, we can't pay them, they get traded to a different team where they excel. Hmmmmmm.
I'd like to go with option one, where Bill was a genius, and gave me a heyday in which to revel during my childhood fandom, but now that I think about it, maybe Bill really was an evil megalomaniac. Either way, the 49ers are still my favorite team, but they need to get their proverbial crap together. We have the tools, we just need to use them together better....Still not sure if I like the formerly successful (he moved around for more reasons than HIM wanting a change) Mike Martz making the play calling...

2 comments: said...

I can't team started off pretty good (Green Bay Packers).

Mookie said...

And you did it without the Favre character..although I guess he was a winner too this week.....
Maybe the lack of Favre in Green Bay will temper my disdain for all that is the Packer State, (side note of saving grace: I hear Milwaukee has great brats at the Brewer's games.) But don't count on it. I'm hoping Jet Favre has his career ended for him by a bone crushing tackle....hmmm, Lord forgive me!