Monday, October 13, 2008

Florida Trip Part 2

So here's the wedding party. Although you can't see the Maid of Honor in this one, you'll see her in the next one. The wedding was done on a bridge within the Lightner's central courtyard. Meanwhile, in the water below, fish swam about and to the amusement of the bridesmaids, farting sounds came from the water. Exactly what happened is not known, but the farting fishes sounded good enough to me. I guess it was rather hard for the bridesmaids to contain laughter. They did however do a pretty good job considering the great humor of the pastor, as he switched back and forth between praise and condolence for my brother-in-law. Add that to the fact that my sister and her new husband seemed to be in a nervous fit of giggles. Having been through a wedding before, I can understand...although I'm sure my mother never threatened Victor prior to the nuptials as my mother-in-law did.

And here is a shot of all 3 bridesmaids, including the maid of honor on the right (your right, not theirs). Lovely girls, but since they are my sister's friends and we all grew up together, I stand by the fact that they MUST have cooties. My research shows that dressing them up doesn't change this fact.

And here is the required shot of the bride and groom cutting the cake....

....and here's the cake prior to the moment of desecration being performed in the above picture. Oh sweet confectionate of sugar and flour and sugar and eggs, and sugar....I'll miss you. I loved you, but I couldn't stop them from cutting you into little pieces...

And of course, here's the obligatory picture of the wedding bouquet....stupid flowers. Obviously my wife tooks these pictures. And I base this on A- the pictures are good, and B- I wouldn't take a picture of these flowers. I would've preferred to take a picture of me in superhero action. The girls left the veil in one of the rooms at our hotel. Luckily Dani and I, along with my parents, hadnt left yet. I took control of the situation and managed to make sure the hotel let me into the other room to procure the veil and quite possibly ensure at least one occasion in my life in which my sister was truly indebted to me. I'm sure that indebtedness wore off on her part within 24 hours... (If you want to see how a hero dresses, when he's out in disguise from his usual lounging in pj bottoms and a tshirt, see the picture of me and my wife on the right hand side of this blog, taken on the balcony of The Reef during the reception)

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