Monday, October 13, 2008

Florida Trip Part 3!! Out on the town!

This is the entrance to the Huguenot Cemetary, which is located right outside the original city gates to St. Augustine. Apparently, its current location is backed up, at least the walls of it, from where a road traverses between the cemetary and city gates. I guess a lot of the old town is basically sitting atop many graves.

Well, I found the way-too-small straw coyboy hat, but the place lacked a pair of six shooters, so the plastic fake swords still in plastic wrapping had to do...Giddy Up!

Apparently the camera has a way of finding me wearing a stupid hat. I saw many hats, but none worth buying as it seems that I am just not a hat person. Especially not at "touristy" prices.

And these last two are basically just a look down a couple streets in the old historic downtown St Augustine. I believe this first one is down St George. Avenue (or street or road, or whatever)'s lined with many novelty shops and eateries. I'm pretty sure I ate at least 80 pounds of food while down here, as it seems I spent more time with food in my mouth than not. Guess that's one way to shut me up!

I think this is the main road along the downtown on the north end....I forget the name...I didnt eat on this street, so its really unimportant.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your trip description, and your new "lead" blog photo (though the old one was nice too).

Mookie said...

Thanks for stopping in!