Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halfway To A Good Chunk Of Change

So here it is, payday, which means I havent had any money since 12 days ago, and I'm 2 days away from having no money again. So, what do I do? After dumping the check in the bank, I stop at the nearby McDonalds to get lunch for me and the youngest. Cheap Happy Meal Toys subdue him, along with greasy empty calories provided by the chicken Mcnuggets, and I get my occasional Big Mac.
Well, currently they are playing the Peel Off Monopoly Game. Usually I just grab the pieces to see if I can get a free cheeseburger or fries or something, but I noticed this time around that as usual I get one-half of the "big prize" pieces. This time I have "Park Place". Combined with "Boardwalk", this is worth the $1 million prize.
So, now all I have to do is find the person with the magical other half to my little prize piece. So, if you find it, LET ME KNOW....I'm willing to give my half up for a meager $250,000. If you hook me up with the person who does have it, we'll discuss the finders fee you'd be eligible for.
Yes, I know....I am shallow enough to go for free contest money through my favorite fast food joint's prize pool!

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